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Procedure has local celeb ‘back’ in the weight room

Vertebral Body Augmentation is a procedure where cement is injected into a broken bone of the spine.

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Watch Out for Prediabetes

Almost everyone who has prediabetes goes on to develop type 2 diabetes

Being overweight comes with chronic disease risks, such as higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. These increase the risk of developing other diseases, including diabetes, which is at epidemic levels in the black community.

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Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Avoid serious diabetes complications with these guidelines

Diabetics have to take special care of their feet. The disease can cause peripheral neuropathy—otherwise known as nerve damage.

Alumni support of East Tech champs ‘meant more than a title’

When East Tech won the regional championship, it meant more than a chance at a state title.

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County Executive Tackles Voting Rights

County Executive Fights For Voting Rights

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Phenomenal First Ladies

Have you nominated your First Lady?

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Roberts Rules of ‘dis-order’ at another E.C. library meeting

The saga that has become the East Cleveland Library Board of Trustees continued this past Monday night.

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Beauty, brains and barometric pressure

With these last few months seeming like the coldest temperatures and most snow ever, we needed to get her expert analysis.

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Tony Roberts will make you laugh your teeth loose!

For anyone who has actually seen Tony Roberts' act, he's a live-wire of a human being slinging jokes with the speed, lawlessness and ferocity of a liquor bootlegger’s tommy-gun.

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Marcia Fudge condemns Issa for his ‘disrespectful manner’ Rep. Cummings says Issa apologized and he accepts

The hearing was on the improper targeting of tea party groups by the Internal Revenue Service. Cummings was trying to say that Republicans have overblown the controversy.

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Central State alum Joshua Smith announces million dollar gift to Central State University

Smith is a cum laude graduate of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, and did graduate work in law and business administration at the University of Akron and Central Michigan University.

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Officials review 137 shots case

The chase started when police believed either Russell or Williams fired a shot while riding around downtown Cleveland near the Justice Center.

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Call and Post newspaper to present television special ‘A Cleveland Conversation on Diversity & Inclusion’

This hour-long television special will provide longtime Cleveland residents, newcomers, and others with an insightful look on how today’s organizations are embracing change.

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Jackson provides state of the city address

The Department of Public Safety makes up 57 percent of the city’s operating budget. Improving public safety and the perception of safety in Cleveland is a primary goal of the Jackson Administration.

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State of Black children dismal at best

According to the report, the number of Black children in poverty has been holding steady for over the last decade at 10 to 11 million. Unfortunately, the same children haven’t fared that well in society. They are the poorest children in America.

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SCLC Annual MLK Gala

Armond Buddish Keynote Speaker at SCLC MLK Gala

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Calvin D. Williams new Police Chief

He was assigned to the SWAT unit and then, in 1997, Commander of the Fourth District. In March of 2005, he was appointed chief of Police.

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The "King" comes back to Cleveland

According to King, this fight will feature the next generation of boxers, the evolution of future champions. Featured on the card will be Angelo Santana (14-1, 11 KOs) vs. Hank Lundy (23-3-1, 11 KOs) in a 10-round lightweight main event.

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East View celebrates 100 years

The church started in December 1912 at 137th and Kinsman; the first twenty-five years were full of struggles and successes.

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What's wrong with the Cavs, are they quitters?

Could the blame fall on General manager Chris Grant? Has his job been saved by finally making a great trade with Chicago this year for Deng?


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