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Mayor Frank Jackson wants answers

James W. Wade III | 12/3/2012, 10:32 a.m.

"It's not that we don't have information. We just can't draw conclusions right now," Jackson said. "Every day that there's a report of someone getting killed, whether it's this incident or another, and the director calls me, it bothers me. This is our town, our stewardship. The fact is, it happened...We have facts and information, but it's far too early to draw conclusions from that..."

A Cleveland police officer said he heard a shot fired from a vehicle westbound on St. Clair Avenue. McGrath said people inside the Justice Center also thought it was a shot fired, including a security guard who heard "a loud shot and ducked down behind glass. That initiated this incident."

Another question still being determined is why the people inside the vehicle were running from police.

"That hasn't been determined, but there was a reason and that's where the criminal investigation will make a determination why he didn't stop," McGrath said.

Normal protocol states a department can release the names of officers involved in a deadly shooting 48 hours after the incident. "We aren't conducting the criminal investigation so that question will have to be answered by East Cleveland police."

The chase ended with two police cars and the suspects' car colliding head-on. Shots were then fired at the car behind Heritage Middle School in East Cleveland, killing both people inside, a 30-year-old homeless woman, Malissa Williams, and 42-year-old Timothy Russell.