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Police release names of Cleveland Police officers involved in shooting

James W. Wade III | 12/30/2012, 10:40 a.m.

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police released the names of the 13 officers involved in the police chase in Cleveland that ended with two people being shot dead.

The Cleveland Division of Police also released 45 audio recordings from the Nov. 29 incident, which started as a report of shots fired near the Justice Center. The two suspects, ages 30 and 42, were killed while in a car behind Heritage Middle School in East Cleveland.

Here are the names provided by Cleveland police:

  1. Patrol Officer Wilfredo Diaz #350 Appointment Date: 11-03-08
  2. Patrol Officer Michael Brelo #416 Appointment Date: 10-15-07
  3. Patrol Officer Cynthia Moore #1277 Appointment Date: 10-15-07
  4. Patrol Officer Michael Farley #409 Appointment Date: 04-08-96
  5. Patrol Officer Brian Sabolik #1021 Appointment Date: 01-10-11
  6. Patrol Officer Paul Box #2526 Appointment Date: 08-19-96
  7. Patrol Officer Randy Patrick #1580 Appointment Date: 08-04-97
  8. Patrol Officer Scott Sistek #1395 Appointment Date: 02-25-08
  9. Detective Michael Demchak #1621 Appointment Date: 10-23-82
  10. Detective Erin O’Donnell #1027 Appointment Date: 09-28-98
  11. Detective Christopher Ereg #767 Appointment Date: 08-30-99
  12. Detective Michael Rinkus #2182 Appointment Date: 01-06-92
  13. Detective William Salupo #1969 Appointment Date: 02-17-98

Cleveland police said they will not be releasing photos of the officers. Those involved have been placed on three days administrative leave, which is standard, and are due to be back at work on Tuesday. The 13 officers, 12 of which are white and one Hispanic, will be placed in a wellness program and on restricted duty status for at least the next six months.