Weeden shines against Rams, Browns win 27-19

By RAY ROBINSON | 8/9/2013, 9:03 a.m.
Call me crazy, but even last year, in his rookie season with the Browns, I liked what I saw of ...
Brandon Weeden

Call me crazy, but even last year, in his rookie season with the Browns, I liked what I saw of Brandon Weeden.

Sure he over-threw wide open receivers, held on to the ball too long and locked in on a receiver with his eyes, telegraphing the play and the intended receiver to the defense and threw quite a few interceptions.

But remember…he was a rookie. And these are the kinds of mistakes that rookies usually make. Think back to 1999 and a guy named Tim Couch.

Last night, however, Weeden was all brand new and ready to showcase his talents to the city of Cleveland and the entire NFL community. And he did just fine.

Weeden started the preseason with a grand performance against the St. Louis Rams with the Browns coming out on top 27-19. It appeared that the second year quarterback saw the field a bit better than he did last year and was able to engineer a couple of scoring drives against the Rams.

It may have helped that most of the times he operated out of the shotgun, which may have given him that one extra second that it normally takes to see the field and to let receivers dig into their routes.

He finished the night completing 10 of 13 pass attempts for 112 yards and a touchdown that gave the home town fans something to hoot about.

Weeden also hit on some rather long passes to Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. More telling was the fact that Weeden didn't throw any interceptions. Something that he just could not stop doing last year.

Weeden showed up at camp early this season to get in as many reps as he could and to also get a read on some of the rookie receivers who now litter the Browns' roster.

It was also a good time for him to get to know all of the new coaches and members of the management team. It appears that it was a good move and that the dividends will bolster the team’s win-loss record as the season progresses.

He nearly scored on their first drive of the game, taking the team down to the seven, before they had to settle for three on a field goal by Brandon Bogotay. He was 5 of 8 on the drive.

Weeden was expected to only play the first quarter; however, he was in the middle of a drive as the first quarter ended, so it was only right to allow him to finish what he had started.

The drive ended on a 2-yard touchdown pass to Dion Lewis and Weeden was done for the evening. The fans showed their appreciation for his services with plenty of cheers for Weeden and the first team as they left the gridiron.

When he exited the game, the Browns were ahead of the Rams on the scoreboard 10-0.

"I just wanted to be competitive tonight and I think that I was. We played a good game. We made some plays and tried to do what we had worked on in camp," Weeden said after the win. "The defense was outstanding and helped us get the win. I hope that we will continue to grow and to get a few more wins."

Weeden's touchdown was the first ever of his pro football career in a preseason game. He ended the night with a QB rating of 127.7.

They face the Detroit Lions on Thursday at FirstEnergy Stadium at 7:30p.m.