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Bass Player Extraordinaire

BY RAY ROBINSON | 8/13/2013, 10:01 p.m.
Larry Graham spent many years as a member of Sly & the Family Stone Photo by Ray Robinson

Larry Graham made quite a name for himself in the mid-60’s and early 70’s as the funky bass player for one of the most legendary funk bands ever assembled, Sly & the Family Stone.

Graham had a way with his instrument that set him on a crash course with success beyond success. He played bass on all of Sly’s hit songs, including, “Everyday People”, “I Want to Take You Higher”, “Dance to the Music”, “Family Affair” and countless others that helped catapult the band into the history books and onto the music charts of the day.

Graham offered up his services to the Family Stone from 1966-1972. A year later he formed, “Graham Central Station” and the fun and the hits continued to flow. Graham also tuned up his vocal cords and began singing lead on most of the tunes that the Station recorded and performed.

They were able to slide between the sounds of disco, r&b, soul and pop with amazing ease. Graham was able to make a decent living with the group and they all were able to live a much better life while traveling the globe and making a joyful noise.

In 1980, Graham made a move that people in the business thought may be a risky one. He went solo. The "move" proved to be a good one as he scored a million-seller with the classic, “One in a Million You.” Graham also roared onto the charts with two other compositions that garnered him even more fame and fortune, “Just Be My Lady” and “When We Get Married.”

Larry Graham was born on August 14, 1946 in Beaumont, Texas.