Hardesty's finger dislocated, not broken

Team waits and wonders

BY RAY ROBINSON | 8/13/2013, 8:29 p.m.
Lady Luck attended the practice, but she also brought along her ugly sister, Bad Luck. While working on their formation ...
The Browns up against the Detroit Lions Thursday at FirstEnergy Stadium PHOTO BY RAY ROBINSON

Montario Hardesty has a horrible attendance record. If it weren't for the fact that he works for a team under the umbrella of the National Football League, he would certainly have a lot of explaining to do about all of the time missed from the job.

On Monday afternoon, after missing significient snaps and practice time due to an injured hamstring tendon, he was finally able to take the practice field with his teammates and to hopefully show folks the reason why the Browns should make him their man behind starting running back Trent Richardson.

Lady Luck attended the practice, but she also brought along her ugly sister, Bad Luck. While working on their formation and execution out of the wildcat formation, Hardesty took a direct snap and abruptly doubled over, grabbing at his right thumb.

X-rays of the injured thumb were negative and fortunately the finger isn't broken. According to doctors, the finger is dislocated and will hamper Hardesty's ability to properly grip a football. Hardesty had already only been able to complete 5 of the 15 training camp practices this year. And now this.

Still, he was back on the practice field for Tuesday's final day of training camp and appeared to be fine. It is unlikely that Hardesty will be ready to perform in Thursday's battle against the visiting Detroit Lions at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The Browns' management team would like to see the powerful running back suited up and making plays for the team. Hardesy is a good back with power, speed, agility and the abilty to punch the ball in once they get down close. But, in order for any of this to transpire, Hardesty must be on the field and ready for action.

Only time will tell if Hardesty can stay healty and if he will become an intricate part of the Browns' offensive attack. With Richardson also nursing a few injuries, it would be the pefect opurtunity for Hardesty to show his stuff to the team and to the NFL community at large.

He should be ready to play in the third presason game against Indianapolis on August 24th.

The Browns and Lions will tangle in the second preseason game of the year at 7:30p.m.