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Kush Azrael | 8/14/2013, 9:41 a.m.
Bill and Dante de Blasio

United States


Dante says his father would “end an era of stop and frisk that unfairly targets people of color."

Bill de Blasio’s campaign commercial for New York City mayor

Bill de Blasio’s campaign commercial for New York City mayor

NEW YORK – Bill de Blasio’s 15-year-old son is going to bat for his father in his race for New York City mayor. In a 30-second ad released last week by the de Blasio mayoral campaign, Dante de Blasio says his father is “the only Democrat with the guts to really break from the Bloomberg years.” It’s the first television ad of the campaign. It will appear on network and cable channels across the city. Dante says his father would “end an era of stop and frisk that unfairly targets people of color.

NORTH CAROLINA – In order to deal with challenges Black males face in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), a task force has recommended that the school system create an all-boys school in the district. Here’s one statistic that inspired the idea: 20,000 Black male students were given short-term suspensions in CMS last year in comparison to only 3,000 White male students given the same disciplinary action. The task force believes such a school would build leadership, business and academic skills for Black male students. While all-Black male schools are not a new concept, taxpayers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area have mixed feelings about the idea.


Rick Ross and Rev Rodney Wills

NORTH CAROLINA – Rodney Wills, 26, was relieved of his duties as the pastor of Mt. Salem Baptist Church after church deacons learned that he attended a concert headlined by rapper Rick Ross. Wills was the pastor of Mt. Salem for almost 4 years before the deacons voted 11 to 3 to remove him. He was also spotted attending a Lil Wayne concert about 9 months ago.



Robert Mugabe

ZIMBABWE – Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has filed a legal challenge to Robert Mugabe’s victory in last week’s presidential election. The electoral petition seeks an order for the result to be declared null and void and a new election to be called in within 60 days. The MDC’s 15 accusations include bribery, abuse of “assisted voting” and manipulation of the electoral roll. Mugabe, 89, won with 61 percent of the presidential vote. His Zanu-PF party gained a parliamentary majority of more than two thirds, with 160 seats compared to 49 for the MDC. The MDC is to file a complaint on parliamentary results at a later date.

TOGO – A suspected Togolese ivory smuggler, Emile Edouwodzi N’bouke, has been arrested in the capital, Lome. He was detained after 1,543 lbs of ivory was found at his shop by an anti-trafficking squad. N’bouke is known as “the Boss” in Lome and is considered to be a “kingpin” in Togo’s ivory trade. N’bouke denied any involvement in exporting illegal ivory and said he dealt in bone ornaments. Togo has recently become a transit point for ivory dealers, who have begun to use Lome’s harbor after finding access to other West African ports difficult.


TRINIDAD – While mourning the death of his close friend, Shakeel Bethel, a 32-year-old San Fernando mason, was gunned down last week. Police identified the victim as Clyde Welch. They said Welch dove into the sea to escape gunfire from an attacker, but after the ordeal his friends found him floating in the water. With his death, the murder toll is at 230, approximately nine short of last years figures at this time. Police reports said Welch had gone to the wake of Bethel, who was shot last weekend outside of a nightclub, to pay respect to his fallen friends with others.