Police Blotter

BOB FERGUSON | 8/21/2013, 8:31 a.m.
Crime of the week: CLEVELAND -- All hell done broke loose between families at a wedding reception: Please hurry up! ...

Folks on Chambers say Earl is squatting in a vacant house next door: On Aug.17, at 10:39 p.m., a call was received from a resident in the 6600 block of Chambers Avenue, reporting that a dude, named Earl, had moved in and set up house in a vacant property on their street and this is a disgrace to the neighborhood. A car was sent out to tell Mr. Earl to take his behind elsewhere, because he is technically squatting and this is against the law. Good lookin, neighbors. If you see something, say something and let’s take back our neighborhoods.

Fella on West 32nd Street wants to file a report but won’t tell what it is: Say Whaaat? What kind of stupid stuff is this? On Aug. 17, at 10:52 p.m., a call was received from a fella who lives downstairs in a house in the 3100 block of West 32nd Street, requesting that someone come out and take a police report, but he won’t say what it is about over the phone. A unit was sent out to see what this chump wanted to say and it had better be good.

Dude on Donald Avenue, said he’s pissed and going to hurt somebody: Ya’ll need to get out there quick, because if this fool called the police on his own self, this dude is going to do something horrible. At 10:58 p.m., on Aug.17, a call was received from a dude on Donald Avenue, reporting that he is really pissed off and he’s getting ready to hurt somebody. A car was sent out to try and calm this dude down.

Some juveniles at Jamison Park areraising hell and getting ready to fight: At 10:42 p.m., on Aug. 17, there were several calls from residents near Jamison Park who reported that there were about 15 or 20 young juveniles that had gathered at the park and were arguing, raising hell and getting ready to fight. Several cars were sent out to break up the ruckus.

Loud Music Reports

On the night of August 17, there were several loud music reports from people who just got fed up with the dumb stuff and called the police on these knuckleheads.

East 57th Street, at 10:03 p.m., an annoyed resident who lives in the 4100 block of East 57th Street called and reported that they were sick and damn tried of hearing the doom, doom, doom from some nut out front, playing his music. A car was sent out to tell this nut turn it down or turn it off.

59th and Luther Avenue, at 10:36 p.m., another person reported that being sick and damn tired of the nasty-mouth rap music that some idiot was playing, and he needs to turn that sh^* down. A unit was sent out to help the folks in the neighborhood get some peace and charge this clown with disturbing the peace.

Roanoke Avenue, at 10:31 p.m., a caller in the 3200 block of Roanoke Avenue, reported that there was nitwit playing their music way too loud. A unit was sent to tell these clowns to knock it off.

West 26th Street, at 10:33 p.m., there were several complaints from neighbors about some bozos who thought the whole neighborhood should share their party and have to listen to stupid music. A unit was sent out to tell them to break it up.

East 109th Street, at 10:38 p.m., there were calls received from neighbors about some clowns who subjected everyone in the 400 block of East 109th Street, with his bull crap and perhaps he thought he was the area DJ. A car was sent to tell him to knock it off or go to jail.