Browns flatline, lose to Colts 24-6

Ray Robinson | 8/26/2013, 5:52 p.m.
The loss snapped the Browns’ two-game winning streak and had to have opened the eyes of those watching on the ...
Trent Richardson

On Saturday evening, the Browns took a thumping from the Colts that left a few welts, and also showed that there is a lot of work left to be done.

With new coaches, new ownership and plenty of new, young players now on the roster, there are certainly sure to be a snafu or two in the early preseason tune-up matches.

Still, there was cause for concern.

The loss snapped the Browns’ two-game winning streak and had to have opened the eyes of those watching on the sidelines. They were unable to produce anything on offense and the defense had more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese.

Nothing at all seemed to work for the Browns, and quarterback Brandon Weeden was a bit out of sync with his receivers. Weeden and his receiving corp were never on the same page. Too often, just as they did last year, receivers dropped passes that should have been guaranteed catches, nullifying yards and points.

Weeden once again began locking in on his intended receiver, telegraphing the information to the defense, which was alive and waiting to jump the routes. There were far too many passes missed by wide-open receivers, too. Both Weeden and quarterback Campbell were guilty of the crime.

Josh Gordon is guilty of having a couple of passes go in and out of his hands that would have been for positive gains.

Running back, Trent Richardson, was one bright spot in an otherwise dull day at the park. Kind of. He showcased a few of his stutter-step moves on his way to gaining 31 yards on 7 carries. The Browns couldn’t afford to let Richardson stay in the game too long for fear of him getting injured. They are already having to go without the services of Dion Lewis (broken left tibula) and Montario Hardesty (knee surgery). The other Browns rushers amassed a mere 23 yards on 8 carries. Not good.

The Colts on the other hand were ready to go and firing on all cylinders. The defense was all over the place and kept the Browns’ running game from running, and they also grounded the Browns’ air attack. It was the second straight week that the Colts didn’t allow a touchdown to be scored against them.

Colts quarterback Andy Luck didn’t need any luck at all, as his skills were enough to do the trick. He kept the chains moving, and he also kept the Browns’ defenders back on their heels. The Colts scored on the opening drive of both the first quarter and the third quarter before Luck hung up his spurs.

Luck ended the night going 16 of 25 for 164 yards with one interception. Weeden, who fought both himself and his receivers, finished the night going 12 of 25 for 105 yards.