Police Blotter from the Call & Post 8-28-13

BOB FERGUSON | 8/28/2013, 7:42 p.m.
Crime of the week: Cleveland, Ohio Cops are looking for thug that robbed Popeye’s Chicken on Buckeye: It’s a damn ...

Police chief is puzzled – who stole $15, 000 from under his nose? How in the hell did this happen? On Aug. 24, it was reported there were $15,000 worth of blank money orders missing from the Goshen Township Police Department’s evidence room, according to Police Chief Ray Snyder. Trustee Claire Corcoran wants to turn the investigation over to the Ohio attorney general’s office of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Corcoran said “I don’t want to point fingers, but this is not ‘a simple clerical error.’” The township’s police Sgt., Don Hampton, is the “evidence custodian,” and one of two people with a key to the evidence room. Miss Corcoran said, “guess who you’re having investigated? The fox that got into the chicken coop.” Huuuuum!

Halt! Jamarcus tried to run down a police and was shot in the leg: On Aug. 24, it was reported that a shoplifting suspect named Jamarcus Brown was shot by a police officer Saturday evening at a Monroe outlet mall. They said this fool is being held on charges of trying to run the officer over, according to the latest update from the Monroe Police Department. The officer stated in his report that the incident started when he arrived at Cincinnati Premium Outlets, at Interstate 75 at 8:50 p.m., which had called on Saturday and said that a dude had been spotted stealing. Brown was identified as the suspected theif and he ran and jumped into his car and tried to drive away, but the cop “ended up on the hood.” The officer fired shots through the windshield, hitting the suspect in the leg. Brown was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and then arrested. See ya, Charlie Brown.

Is he crazy? Who in the hell is he trying to fool with that lame story? On Aug. 24, it was reported that a Cincinnati man pled guilty to lying when he claimed $283,346 in false business expenses on his 2007 and 2008 federal income tax returns. Michael Scott, 58, now faces prison for up to of five years and a fine up to $250,000 on two counts of tax evasion. For both tax years, Scott included personal gambling expenses on returns and inflated the business expenses for his construction company. As a result, the inclusion of those expenses reduced the amount of taxable income and cost the IRS more than $65,000, according to court records. Scott is damn lucky because he was released on bond pending sentencing. Lookout Scotty, here comes the judge.

Cleveland Ohio

Anthony said that his neighbor, Vaughn, just shot out his window: At 9:51 p.m., on Aug.20, a call was received from a fella named Anthony who was mad as the dickens and lives in the 2600 block of East 93rd Street. He reported that his ol’ ornery neighbor just shot out a window in his house. Well! A few minutes later, when the cops arrived, the story changed and it was said that the neighbor had thrown something through the window. A unit that was sent out reported that all was calm and that they took a report and left. Can’t we all just get along?