Why racism is (almost) omnipotent

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr. | 12/4/2013, 9:08 a.m.
We are living in difficult days. To pretend (or believe) that the light came and racism ended with the election ...

Thirdly, racism has been endorsed by religion and education in ages past and denied and disowned in the present age. There was a time in ages past when religious leaders and college presidents owned slaves. Let us not forget that Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was written in response to eight Birmingham religious leaders. Leaders who condemned Dr. King’s non-violent direct action protests, would not condemn the brutal fire hoses, vicious dogs and police beatings against children.

Today the ugly attacks on Affordable Health Care are just as vicious. And when we consider the millions of families and individuals in need of Affordable Health Care, SNAP Programs and Head Start, the attacks are just as vicious and even more pervasive.

Fourthly, those who want to make racism yesterday’s reality we must say, marching around the White House with a Confederate flag is today’s racist reality. This Confederate flag is an ugly expression of racism, hatred, violence, lynchings and mobs. But not enough, of us are raising our voices with moral courage for love and


We are living in difficult days. To pretend (or believe) that the light came and racism ended with the election of President Obama is like saying that cancer ended with the development of chemotherapy. Therefore, all research, treatment, care, prevention and funding should be immediately ended.

In Shaw’s presentation on Joan of Arc, one character in this drama, speaking of Joan’s execution says: “Thirty minutes to burn her, four hundred years to declare her a saint.”

It takes only a short time to do irreparable harm through sequestration, government shutdowns, voter suppression, gun violence, budget cuts, blocked nominations, delayed immigration reform and opposition to Affordable Health Care. This Advent season, we must lead our congregations to meet these ugly forces with the beauty of love, justice, truth and reconciliation no matter how long it takes. This will assure the world that racism and hate are mighty, but never almighty. Reinforce the truth that injustice is mighty, but redeeming love is almighty. God is love.