Black World for the week of 7/17/13

KUSH AZRAEL | 7/17/2013, midnight

United States

PENSYLVANIA – Police say a 5-year-old girl was abducted in her yard, but found safe two hours later after two boys (Black) spotted her in a car. It happened around 4:30 p.m. Thursday in Lancaster Township. Police say that’s when Jocelyn Rojas was reported missing. Two hours later in nearby Manheim Township two teenage boys, Temar Boggs and his friend Chris, spotted the girl in a car. They began to follow the vehicle on their bikes and when the male driver noticed he was being followed, he stopped and let the girl out of the car before taking off. Police are still investigating the suspect.

NEW YORK – An unidentified White man was rushed to the hospital Friday with a massive head injury after allegedly calling a Black man a racial slur at a Manhattan restaurant. The altercation took place at Benny’s Burritos, around 5:30 p.m., when a White man approached a patron in the outdoor seating area. Douglas Reddish, 25, was eating with his girlfriend when the man, reportedly drunk, stumbled two his table. Reddish reportedly tried to help the man, before he said “This Ni*ger wants to fight me!” Reddish did not take the insult well and knocked the man out cold.

NEW YORK – Minerva Zanca, principal of Elmhurst Pan-American International High School, has been accused of referring to Black teachers at her school as “gorillas” that have “Big lips and nappy hair.” Now Zanca’s racially charged comments have caused outrage from school personnel and activists, who gathered at the NYC Department of Education on Monday to protest Zanca’s abusive language and unfair firings, demanding an immediate and unbiased investigation. The school’s assistant principal, Anthony Riccardo, reportedly filed an affidavit against Zanca. He reportedly overheard the comments, even though they were in private conversations.

NEW YORK – Despite the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict, Black fans of disgraced chef, Paula Deen, are joining forces not to speak out against the racist and hostile environment she maintained for her employees, but to chant “We forgive you Paula Deen” in the Middle of Times Square. Not only are they organizing the rally, they are doing so because they say the Black community forgives her. That soul food cooking is driving some people insane, because the entirety of the Black community certainly does not forgive Pauala Deen. And even those who do haven’t felt compelled to throw a rally for a woman who jokes that President Barack Obama could “ni*ger-rig” the BP oil spill.

CALIFORNIA – A woman described as a Saudi princess has been arrested and accused of human trafficking. Meshael Alayban, 42, is accused of forcing a Kenyan woman to work 16 hours a day, paying her far less than what she was originally promised. Authorities say Alayban took the Kenyan woman’s passport, precluding her escape. Her lawyer called the case a dispute over work hours. In November, California voters toughened human trafficking penalties. If convicted, Alyban faces a maximum 12-year sentence in prison. Prosecutors say she is one of the six wives of Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, an offspring of the Saudi royal family.


SOUTH AFRICA – South African police have arrested five people on suspicion of murder for botched circumcisions that led to the deaths of about 60 boys in coming of age rituals in the rural Eastern Province. Police were also investigating suspected assault, gross bodily harm and unlawful circumcisions that left 300 others injured across the province last week. Every year in South Africa boys aged 10 to 15, from several of the country’s tribal groups, are circumcised in traditional “initiation ceremonies.” The ceremonies usually take place over a number of weeks in remote rural areas. Deaths are mainly caused by blood loss or infection from circumcisions poorly performed by traditional practitioners.