Jim Brown pours praise upon Richardson

By RAY ROBINSON | 7/26/2013, midnight
Eyebrows were raised on yesterday afternoon at the Browns training facility in Berea as Richardson showcased his wares to the ...
Jim Brown and Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson shows spunk, spark and speed at camp

By Ray Robinson

Staff Writer

Browns running back, Trent Richardson, had eyebrows raised last year with people wondering if he was injury prone.

Richardson played hurt most of last season, and his numbers and performance suffered tremendously over what was anticipated from the then hard running rookie.

Eyebrows were raised on yesterday afternoon at the Browns training facility in Berea as Richardson showcased his wares to the media, fans and to the delightfully cheerful Browns upper management team.

His hands seemed to be spider-like as he snagged and snared the majority of the passes that were thrown in his direction.

His running appeared to be a step quicker than I remember, but, don't forget, we never really saw him play at full speed much last year because he played with broken ribs that prevented him from making hard cuts and taking the brutally hard hits that come from playing in the NFL.

Richardson admits to losing about five pounds, however, he seems to have lost a few pounds more. His physique shows it too. Although he was injured most of last year, his body was still cut and he was considered to still be in great physical condition. Now, he is ripped and ready to prove that he wasn't just a flash in the pan during his glory days in college.

Many people, including the Browns' brass, couldn't see Richardson being ready to compete at the start of training camp. Richardson, on the other hand had his mind set on being in camp, on time, in shape and ready to play at a level beyond what may have been expected of him.

He even got a ringing vote of approval from former Browns running back, Jim Brown. During a team meeting, Brown pulled Richardson in front of the room and continued to tell him how he has Browns' blessings and that he was wrong about labeling Richardson just an ordinary back, as Brown did last year.

Richardson was also spotted talking to new Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam during the practice.

"I just feel must better with my running and with my routes. I missed a lot of playing time last year, but I am here and in good shape, ready to paly some football," an excited Richardson exclaimed. " I lost weight, I'm at about 225 now. I played at 233 last year, but the ribs kept me from really digging in."

The fans loved his performance and they showed it with plenty of ohhs and ahhhs. He was mobbed by fans after he left the field. He talked with fans and signed a few autographs to boot.