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By RAY ROBINSON | 7/28/2013, 3:55 a.m.


By Ray Robinson

Staff Writer

As summer is well under way and August is right around the bend, it is likely that you are looking for a place to have a few light beverages, enjoy a nice flavorful meal at your favorite bistro and to also fill you ears with a bit of live jazz to complete the evening.

Then, if this is indeed what your heart and soul truly desire, check out a few of the areas jazz houses for that much needed jolt.

*Also, be certain not to miss reading the CP2, where you will find all of the city's events and happenings in the "Sets in the City".

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Anyway, if you're looking to max and chillax to some jazzy beats and cool drinks...here are just a few spots you may want to take a friend to. Bottoms Up !

Nighttown 12387 Cedar (216) 795-0550

House of Swing 4490 Mayfield Rd. (216) 382-2771

Wonder Bar 2044 E. 4th St. (216) 298-4050

The Velvet Tango Room (216) 241-8869

The Parkview Nite Club (216) 961-1341

Wilbert's 812 Huron Rd. E. (216) 902-4663

The Cleveland Orchestra (216) 781-4274

The Winchester 12112 Madison Ave. (216) 226-5681

Take 5 Rhythm and Jazz Tapas 740 W. Superior Ave. (216) 861-5299

The Barking Spider 11310 Juniper Rd. (216) 421-2863

Brothers Lounge 11609 Detroit Ave. (216) 226-2767