BAEO applauds standardized testing gains in Louisiana

5/31/2013, 1:10 p.m.
A recent survey by BAEO and the American Federation for Children revealed that nearly 94 percent of parents of scholarship ...

Baton Rouge, LA – The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) recently applauded state and school leaders in Louisiana for their diligence in laying the groundwork for academic progress across the state. With the release of this year’s standardized test score results, BAEO is pleased to see that the tests have revealed considerable gains in student achievement.

“Through recent education reform initiatives, our state took on the difficult work of making significant changes to improve accountability and standards in order to advance student achievement across the board,” said Eric B. Lewis, Louisiana State Director, Black Alliance for Educational Options.

“It has not been easy but these early signs of progress are encouraging, especially because we know that the education reform programs we’ve been fighting so vigorously for have helped to lay the foundation for long-term success in our state.”

BAEO is especially pleased with the accountability aspects of Louisiana’s education reform efforts. With the increased rigor and efforts to hold schools accountable for not meeting specific standards, BAEO says the state is doing the right thing to ensure that schools are taking the appropriate steps to make certain students are receiving a quality education.

“As it relates to reform initiatives such as the Louisiana Scholarship Program, we support state leaders for implementing the necessary measures of accountability and we applaud those schools that have begun the arduous work of bringing students -- many who have come from failing schools -- up to academic standard,” said Lewis. “We recognize that the students participating in the program were in challenging academic environments, which means it may take some extra time to bring them up to speed. Essentially, it may take a little longer for their academic progress to reflect in the standardized testing but we believe the short-term challenges will outweigh the long-term growth and success we expect to see.”

Overall, parents participating in the scholarship program are happy with their children’s academic progress. A recent survey by BAEO and the American Federation for Children revealed that nearly 94 percent of parents of scholarship students were happy with their child’s academic progress at their scholarship school.

“The results of the standardized tests speak to the progress our schools and students are experiencing. It also gives us a clear indication that we are moving in the right direction,” said Lewis. “BAEO is proud of the success our state is seeing and we are committed to supporting all of the schools in their growth because we know these incremental advancements will lead to a lifetime of achievement for our children.”