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Black Diamond nominations ready

James W. Wade III | 11/6/2013, 10:50 a.m.

So often, we view Black men as the ones walking down the street with their pants hanging down or those out there hanging on the corner and killing each other. Very seldom do you hear about the men who are positive and making a change in the world much.

The Greater Cleveland Delta Foundation Life Development Center (GCDFLDC) is looking to recognize those men who are doing something positive in the city of Cleveland and surrounding areas.

“We want to honor these unsung heroes and celebrate their accomplishments. The thought of really knowing what a hero is to someone in their life may make the difference,” said Board Member John Hairston.

The organization is ready and now accepting nominations of African American men and boys to be honored at the Black Diamonds: A Celebration of African American Men gala awards breakfast to be held on June 28th, 2014 at the Manor Centre Complex.

Black Diamond nominations of unsung African American males who are role models and every day heroes in the community upon whom their families can depend, neighbors respect and co-workers or classmates admire is for boys ages 10-17 and men 18 and older. The deadline for submission is March 9, 2014.

Eligibility requirements and applications can be obtained at www.deltafoundationblackdiamonds.com.

It is clear that many of our youth today don’t have the same guidance as young people 30 years ago, but many men in our culture never recover from childhood tragedies. This life is not easy for some Black men struggling to achieve their life long goals by any stretch of the imagination. Everyone has a story that is worth telling. This is a chance to see what we as Black people have done in terms of making a difference as well as using our vitality to preserve self-esteem, purpose, worth, and meaning.

“Our community is full of extraordinary men who have been an inspiration to others because of their unselfish dedication and respect for truth and justice,” said Norma Singleton, president of GCDFLDC. “Unfortunately, the media does not often portray African American men and boys in the most favorable light. Often these depictions are confusing to our children ultimately projecting the wrong image of our people to others. We believe it is up to us to showcase all that is best in our community.”

Churches and other community organizations desiring Black Diamonds: A Celebration of African American Men promotional material should send their requests and any additional questions to renee.harrisondst@gmail.com.

“Hard work and good deeds are the core of success in any community. Expressing our gratitude for these men demonstrated how much we treasure them as jewels. Without them, our community would be bankrupt. They are real life role models for our youth who represent down-to-earth success stories right where we live,” said Patricia A. Ackerman, chair of the event planning committee.

The Greater Cleveland Delta Foundation Life Development Center is a 501(c)(3) organization locat4d at 11955 Shaker Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio. It is also the headquarters of the Greater Cleveland Chapter of Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.