It’s time to re-embrace the East Cleveland area

Editorial Staff | 11/20/2013, 12:31 p.m.
The Call and Post newspaper says the time to talk about a process that would return this area to its ...

In its heyday, the suburb of East Cleveland enjoyed a vaunted and storied existence. It was, in fact, Cleveland’s first suburb. Commerce giant’s named Rockefeller, philanthropists named Wade and a business that helped light up the world, permeate East Cleveland’s rich history.

But the suburb model that once served East Cleveland well, is no longer in the best interest of the citizens. The people of East Cleveland and their leaders deserve better than what the process affords them. With the “White Flight” of the 1950s and ’60s, the area left a proud and hardworking Black middleclass to basically fend for itself. And now, East Cleveland simply doesn’t have the tax base to properly support itself. And through no real fiscal fault of its own, this Black community is being unnecessarily disenfranchised.

The Call and Post newspaper says the time to talk about a process that would return this area to its proper status is now. The separation of these two cities that began in 1911 should cease in its separate endeavors and be made whole again.

The joining of the city and its first suburb is a necessity. This is a mutual arrangement that would serve both Cleveland as well as East Cleveland.

The annexation processof East Cleveland is an idea that has been bandied about for a long while now, but often times it was without the due respect of including East Cleveland in the process. The Call and Post is more than happy to serve as a conduit in making sure that the people, its leaders and its businesses share in the positive growth process of East Cleveland.

Just as Cleveland is in the throes of economic planning and development, the East Cleveland area, and the people who live there, should not only benefit from this process, but have a seat at the table.

The time has come to alter this current course of East Cleveland’s decline and return both parties home in time for a prosperous future. Civic, corporate and political leaders on both sides have been made aware of our intent to respectfully foster these discussions and have been met with open arms.

The Call and Post stands for the betterment of our Black community as a whole; and the prosperity of the Greater Cleveland area that most definitely includes East Cleveland.

We will continue to cultivate these discussions for the best outcome for all parties.