Educating a Fragile Culture

TIM GOLER | 10/15/2013, 12:57 p.m.
I argue that what we are missing are institutions and systems (i.e. schools) that have the ability to create and ...
Tim Goler

See, we live in America, which happens to be a class structured capitalistic system where the masses of Black people and our children are at the bottom. In this context, what does overhauling and reforming an urban education system mean, if you don’t consider culture, race and contributions to humanity?

Yes, some ‘succeed’ regardless of the odds and I’m very happy for those that do; however, because of our “education” most of us are walking around thinking, doing, reflecting and mimicking a reality that is foreign to who we really are, counterproductive to our true needs and detrimental to our future. Since we lack the true knowledge of who “we” are, we find ourselves to be victims of the proverb “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

The fragile nature of the African American community is directly attributed to our lack of self-identity and race-esteem. New research shows that when parents engage their children in activities that promote feelings of racial knowledge, pride, and connection, it offsets racial discrimination’s potentially negative impact on students’ academic development. It is imperative that you share Black history facts, images and contributions with your children. In the long-run, it is the only way to strengthen a fragile culture.

Timothy Goler has a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies: Early Childhood Education from Norfolk State University, a Masters of Urban Planning, Design and Development, from Cleveland State University and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Case Western Reserve University. He is the founder and CEO of a National Model for Urban Education called the HBCU Preparatory Schools Network, which is a system of primary and secondary schools modeled after Historically Black Colleges and Universities www.HBCUprepschools.org, as well as, the co-founder of PolicyBridge, a public policy institute based in Cleveland, Ohio. www.policy-bridge.org.