Mike Polensek for the Black community

JAMES W. WADE III | 10/16/2013, 3:40 p.m.
Cleveland City Councilman Mike Polensek is the longest serving councilman in Cleveland history and has done it representing a Black ...

“I was against the water hike and the garbage rate that was passed on to the residents. The working class in my community are so fed up with crime and this economic challenges and I will continue to speak out for my people,” said Polensek.

When asked if Blacks in Cleveland City Council can speak up for the Blacks? “I love what Zack Reed, Kevin Conwell and Jeff Johnson does for their residents, they understand and are not afraid to speak up.”

Polensek feels the Black community needs help and the city should be concerned about the direction it is going in as porches are falling down within the neighborhoods. “Working and building new business and building in downtown is good but we need more programs for the residents to help them with the houses. Many residents can’t afford to do the many repairs to make their house look good,” said Polensek.

Polensek even shared his thoughts about Council President Sweeney tearing up the east side with his new maps. “I think is an attempt to destroy the Black wards and Jeff, Kevin are aggressive, good councilmen,” said Polensek.

Going into a new area, around Eddy Road, Polensek shared he will treat them the same as he had done in the past and is looking forward to serving them.