Browns meet Green Bay Packers

James W. Wade III | 10/20/2013, 9:25 a.m.
Browns looking to make a come back from the loss last week to the Detroit Lions
Trent Richardson

The Cleveland Browns are looking for a win today with Braandon Weeden as the starting quarterback.

All I have to say is Browns defense is for real and we shouldn't undermine these guys. Green Bay's pass offense hasn't been playing well lately, but Lacey is beating up the defenses with his solid play, I say we feed him more and more.

Main problem I have with Cleveland is Weeden, I think we'll sack him 3-4 times due to his poor pocket presence, and feel he will make the wrong mistake at the wrong time in this game. The Browns over the years have struggled with various quarterbacks.

Green Bay comes into this game with a new found passion for running the ball and a much improved defense. After five games against some of the best defensive lines in the game (49ers, Lions, Bengals, Ravens), the run game is ranked 5th in the NFL. The defense held two of the best scoring offenses in the NFL to 9 points (Detroit), and 17 points (Baltimore) the last couple of weeks. In addition, there is a very good chance James Jones will play this weekend. At home, in a game the Packers really need to win...I can't see them losing this one.

The Browns offense must put the points on the board.