Attorney General DeWine joins Prevent Blindness Ohio, Ohio Optical Dispensers Board To Stop Dangerous Sales of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

News Desk | 10/21/2013, 2:22 p.m.
DeWine strongly encourages Ohioans to report the illegal sales to the Ohio Optical Dispensers Board at (614) 466-9709.

“The Optical Dispensers Board wants to remind the public that it is illegal for businesses to sell cosmetic contact lenses, even the contact lenses that provide no visual correction, without requiring a prescription from an eye doctor. In addition, only a licensed optician, ophthalmologist or optometrist has the authority to dispense contact lenses. We encourage the ophthalmic community and citizens of Ohio to report illegal sales and dispensing of contact lenses,” said Nancy Manns, Executive Director of the Ohio Optical Dispensers Board. “The Optical Dispensers Board is committed to continue the fight against the illegal sales of contact lenses and will continue to work with Attorney General DeWine’s office to stop this dangerous practice.”

Prevent Blindness Ohio offers the following safety tips regarding cosmetic contact lenses:

Always visit a licensed eye care professional to be fitted for cosmetic contact lenses.

Never buy contact lenses without a prescription.

Always clean and disinfect contact lenses according to instructions.

Always use water-soluble cosmetics or those labeled safe for use with contact lenses. Do not apply skin creams or moisturizers too close to the eyes.

Never wear opaque lenses if you have any problems with night vision.

Never share or trade your contact lenses with anyone.

Be watchful about your child’s or teen’s appearance. If they are wearing cosmetic contacts, question them about where they obtained them.

Consumers with questions about purchasing cosmetic contact lenses may contact the Ohio Optical Dispensers Board at (614) 466-9709 or www.optical.ohio.gov.