Browns need a quarterback

James W. Wade III | 10/23/2013, 10:10 a.m.
Questions are asked everyday about the style quarterback Weeden? Many will always say he needs to learn to release the ...
Brian Hoyer is hurt and out for the season Photo by MYCHAL LILLY

The defense is doing good this year and has contained the running backs for 7 games and has not let one get 100 yards rushing.

Next week looks even more bleak as the Browns meet the Kansas City Chief who are the only team in the NFL to be undefeated this year. The defense can play well again against the Chiefs, but the offense must find a way to put some points on the board.

The Browns must find a way to win more games this season. Having a quarterback would be a good start.

“Obviously it's very disappointing. We want to play well and that's what we're paid to do. We have no shortage of confidence. We're just not doing enough at the right time to get over the hump. But we're battling. We're fighting hard to the very end,” said Weeden.

“We had 12 penalties, and that’s not acceptable. We’ll get better at that in eliminating those. There were a number of mental mistakes and breakdowns in some key plays that we weren’t able to execute on. Then, just making plays; [there were] some missed opportunities, some things that make a difference in the game, whether it’s a catch, whether it’s a sack and being close to those but not making the play. We need to get better at that,” said coach Chudzinski.