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Call and Post endorses Mayor Frank Jackson

Editorial Staff | 10/23/2013, 9:43 a.m.

The Call & Post is pleased to endorse Frank G. Jackson as mayor for the city of Cleveland. Even with problems he has faced in his eight years in office, Cleveland has made a change for the better under his leadership.

He has real love for the neighborhoods in Cleveland and Jackson can be praised for his contributions in the opening of Horseshoe Casino, the New Convention Center, and the Global Center of Health Innovation as well as his efforts toward making Cleveland a 24-hour city.

He has become a spirited hardcore fighter as he tries to find justice for the victims of the police chase and shot out that killed two victims on November 29, 2012.

Jackson’s personality is a little different than when he first took office as he’s matured. His effectiveness and desire to continue the work he has started, makes him deserving to return to office for another four more years.

Jackson has grown over the years but has kept a consistent attitude toward balancing his budget each year. Jackson is doing good work and should retain his seat.

Jackson, who still resides in the lower Central area with his family, lives in one of the older homes on the block.

The Call & Post recommends you vote for Frank G. Jackson for Mayor of Cleveland.