Police Blotter Week of 10-23-2013

Bob Ferguson | 10/23/2013, 10:20 a.m.
Ex-husband who still lives with his Woman on E. 74th is raising hell: As the old song goes “Breaking Up ...

Crime of the week:

Akron, Ohio

Briana thinks her rotten boyfriend Tim killed her dog: On Oct. 13 at around 7:17p.m., a very distraught woman named Briana Cantrell who lives in the 2400 block of Briner Avenue called police and stated that her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Rice, has continued to text her from different phone numbers threatening her. She stated that she and Tim had to live together up until her dog mysteriously died. She suspects that the bastard killed it. She attributed on the fact that she told Tim to get his behind out of her house and get to stepping. She and her mother bought Rice a bus ticket to Texas where his family is and they thought that Rice was on his way to there until she stated that she has been receiving threatening messages from him. After reviewing some of the crap this chump was sending, the cops sent him a message via Cantrell's cell phone, advising Rice not to contact her any further. Cantrell stated that she has blocked phone numbers that Rice’s messages came from and then changed numbers in order for him not to o contact her. Rice also has multiple warrants on file. If you see him drop a dime on this idiot.

Akron Ohio

Who in the hell was it that stole Alisha’s Grand Am over in Akron: OH HELL NO! On Oct. 13, around 3:10 p.m., a dude named Michael Snodgrass who lives in the 900 block of West Wilberth Road, called and stated that his brother’s baby’s momma Brittany Rutherford keep harassing him and she told a big “A” lie on him which caused to him to be place under investigation for an alleged crime, something he says that he didn’t do. Mike said that Miss Britt has threatened to kill him and he believes that she just might try to knock him off. Mike my advice is, stay out the way!

Pastor showed up with his henchmen and threatened to kick Sabo’s behind: This is a damn shame! On Oct. 13, around 4:10 p.m., a very frightened fella named Kevin Sabo, who lives on Preston Avenue, called and reported that a dude named Rickey Pastor showed up at his house with his henchman and threatened to kick his butt when they saw him at his dart league. Sabo said he is also scared to death these clowns “will see him out and beat him up.” Kev, just be careful dude!

Shon wants to whip Victor’s Ol’ butt because he won’t baby sit his kids: On Oct. 13, around 10 p.m., an ol’ 57 year old fella named Victor McCail, who lives on Diagonal Road, called and reported that his 44 year old 6 foot 4’ 300 lbs friend, Alshondo Ellis, who lives on Haydon, got pissed off with him because he refused to watch his kid on that day. Vick say that Shon promised to whip his “A” and started threatening to kick his behind if he didn’t. Vick thinks that Shon has lost his damn mind, but he just wants to go on record just in case something strange jumps off with this nit-wit.