Jason Campbell earns second start

James W. Wade III | 10/30/2013, 9:58 a.m.
The Browns who are now 3 and 5 for the season. Thanks to Davone Bess' who had three dropped passes ...
Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell throws a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs during an NFL football game on Oct. 27, 2013 in Kansas City, Mo. The Chiefs won the game, 23-17 AP Photo/G. Newman Lawrence

The Cleveland Browns lost against the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday 23-17 in a game where the Browns really had a chance. Making his debut at starting quarterback was Jason Campbell.

Campbell who had been the third string quarterback got the go ahead to try to lead the Browns to a victory over an undefeated team. The stats showed he completed 22 of 36 passes for 293 yards with two touchdowns, zero interceptions and a 105.4 rating. He completed a pass to nine receivers, a season-high figure for the club. Campbell registered the third-highest rating by a Browns quarterback in his debut start since 1999.

If you are concerned with what Browns coach Rob Chudzinski felt, he has already named him the starting quarterback for the week. “I thought Jason played very well. After looking at the tape, he was able to manage the game, was able to escape and get out of trouble, create some plays. He did a good job from a decision-making standpoint, protected the football, and he gave us a lift in that game. We were really pleased with how he played,” said coach Chudzinski.

"Jason did a great job on a lot of things,'' Chudzinski said. “His leadership was key in us being able to hang in there and fight through the early deficit. At first glance, he made some great plays for us,” said Chudzinski.

The Browns who are now 3 and 5 for the season. Thanks to Davone Bess' who had three dropped passes and fumbled a, punt return, which may have been the reason Cleveland did not win.

Not good when you lose a great player like Wide Receiver Travis Benjamin who tore his ACL, that will require surgery. He is out for this season.

Each week you hear me talk about Tight End Jordan Cameron. He caught four receptions for 81 yards. This season alone he has 596 receiving yards and six touchdowns. He should have no problem being on the Pro Bowl team.

Ok, so even up to game time rumors were still surfacing about trading Wide Receiver Josh Gordon. Gordon was on fire he caught five passes for 132 yards and one TD, a 39-yarder off a flea-flicker in the second quarter that made it 13-7.

Well the deadline has passed and Gordon is still a Brown, Gordon is a highly sought-after target. Since his return to the Browns after serving his two-game suspension this season, he is playing like he wanted to be in Cleveland and wanted to prove it to the leadership.

The team has never really come out and said they were looking to trade Gordon, but the rumor got out some how.

“We have no plans of trading any of our guys, including Josh. We’re not shopping them. As far as any personnel rumors, speculations, those things, I’m really not going to get into,” said Chudzinkski.

With Benjamin out for the year, the Browns needs Gordon for his speed and ability to get down field and catch the ball. The Browns game has to good in order to at least start winning at least 8 games in a season and if the Browns want to have any chance of reaching that goal, they must be in Cleveland helping the offensive. Gordon and Cameron are two targets that must still be in place.

If you wonder where Gordon’s heart is, he let everyone know this past Sunday. “I feel like I'm where I want to be. I'm not saying I'm playing at a superb level. I still don't feel I've reached my full potential and I'm always going to feel like that until I'm done playing the game,” said Gordon.

So much of that business for the Browns has been a train wreck since their return to the league in 1999. The franchise hasn't seen a quarterback play all 16 games as the starter since Tim Couch suffered through the task in 2001. For the second year in a row, no less than three passers have led the Browns into battle, but Gordon's numbers remain consistent.

“We’re going to have to improve in that area. Those guys will step up, and I’m confident that they’ll do that and continue to get balls to (TE) Jordan (Cameron) and Josh and the backs, as were doing. I think when we’re playing well, you’re seeing the ball get spread around that way,” said coach Chudzinski.