Browns get set for the visiting Dolphins, opener Sunday at FirstEnergy

BY RAY ROBINSON | 9/4/2013, 8:41 a.m.
After last week’s lackluster win over the Chicago Bears, 18-16 at Soldier Field, the Browns, who finished the preseason with ...
Browns' Richardson dives for yards

As football fans all around the globe get ready to embark on a brand new season of hard hits, touchdowns, interceptions, run backs, missed tackles, tailgate parties and plenty of heartbreak, our Cleveland Browns ready themselves to face the Miami Dolphins at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday at 1pm.

After last week’s lackluster win over the Chicago Bears, 18-16 at Soldier Field, the Browns, who finished the preseason with a 3-1 record, are eager to take to the gridiron so that they can see what they are really made of.

During the preseason, the Browns showed flashes of a team that can consistently move the ball and has the ability to play good defense. But, we also saw a team that couldn’t stop the run and had a very difficult time trying to shut down the oppositions passing game.

We also had an opportunity to see quarterback, Brandon Weeden, look as good as any quarterback since the team returned to action in 1999. Unfortunately, we also witnessed the return of some of Weeden’s dark horses. Especially, the knack that he has of locking in on a receiver and blowing the whole play by telegraphing it to the opposing defenses.

And the dropped passes. Just like last year, there were too many missed chances to advance the ball and too many opportunities to score a few more points.

Early injuries have plagued the team and robbed them of the identity that they may have wanted to use to establish a name for themselves in the league. They have lost big named players, both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

The running back position has been shut down with the absence of Dion Lewis and Montario Hardesty. None of the other running backs on the team were impressive, prompting the Browns to get players off of the waiver wire.

Even the kickers position has yet to be solidified. As they prepared to get down to their 53-man roster, the Browns terminated the contract of kicker, Shane Graham, and waived their only other hope at kicker, Brandon Bogotay

On Sunday though, the Browns, their loyal fans, a few rabid dawgs and the front office will all be sitting on the edges of their seats hootin’ and hollerin’ for our boys in orange and brown.

The all-time record between the two teams is 9-8-0, with the Dolphins swimming just a bit ahead of the Browns. The two teams last played one another in 2011 with the Browns winning 17-16.