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The Indians refuse to quit in hunt for wild-card spot

9/24/2013, 5:47 p.m.

The Indians may want to consider getting into the heart medication business, because it looks like it may come down to the wire for the final spot in the wild-card race and Indians fans are clutching their chests as their heartbeats pulsate. Hopefully, the team doesn’t flatline in the end.

Still, at press, the Indians are still fighting like hell to try to secure that spot.

Although catching the Detroit Tigers isn’t out of the question, it is very unlikely that the best hitting team in the division will all of a sudden implode and allow the Indians to catch and then ultimately pass them to capture the division.

However, winning a few more games over the next week or so does afford them the chance to back into the playoffs and make good on their promises of “playing this thing out till the end.” The Indians’ record stands at 81-69 and their future, at least for this season, hangs in the balance.

The Indians are trying to gain ground on the Texas Rangers, who are just ahead of the Indians by ½ game, and the Tampa Bay Rays, who are 1 game in front of Cleveland. The Rangers are carrying around a record of 81-68 and the Rays are currently sitting pretty at 82-67.

Each and every game now really does have playoff implications and the Indians can’t afford to lose. The 7-1 loss to the Kansas City Royals on Monday night in Kansas City could have possibly ended their season.

The Indians just couldn’t get the wood on the ball, and Royals pitchers had their way as the Tribe took the loss. At press, the two teams were squaring off to play the final two games of the three-game series.

The Royals, the Yankees and the Orioles are also currently fighting for the last and final wild-card spot.