Isaiah Washington exposes his murderous portrayal of the D.C. Sniper in ‘Blue Caprice’

Kevin Chill Heard | 9/26/2013, 6:02 p.m.
This writer once described Isaiah Washington as one of the most interesting actors ever to be interviewed. While he has ...

And for the man he had the responsibility of offering on screen for interpretation, Washington issued, “You know, I had never had to play a coward before and no one had ever asked me. Yes, the world knows him as a monster – but he was a coward.”

The strange thing about “Blue Caprice” is that, at the center of a murderous tirade that had citizens gripped in fear and a nation struggling to comprehend the kind of evil it would take to randomly kill innocent people with no rhyme or reason, is a very basic story about a father and son relationship.

“This is really a film about a father and son,” admits Washington, “as caustic as it may be, it’s about fathering – good fathering and bad fathering. John Allen (in the film) embodies all of that, because that’s what [the writers wrote]. This film is an offering to the world, an outcry, about poor leadership, bad fathering and not being responsible for things, particularly gun control.”

As the actor concluded his Call and Post interview, the breaking news about 13 people killed in a mass shooting in a D.C. Navy Yard was still spilling across TV screens, prompting the actor to add – “And unfortunately, when you turn on the news we are right there again.”

“Blue Caprice” is Rated R for disturbing violent content, language and brief drug use. Check local listings for time and dates.