Police Blotter Week of August 6, 2014

Bob Ferguson | 8/7/2014, 9:03 a.m.
Shady shysters steals two Goodman A/C units from Shadeville Church of God: Ha-Mercy! Don’t even try to tell me what ...

Crime of the week:

Akron , Ohio

Big Joe arrested for trying to bite a police officer during his arrest: Maybe the cop should have called the dog warden for back up because this fool has lost his ever loving mind. On July 20, around 9:30 p.m., officers were flagged down by a little kid at the intersection of Kenmore and 10 Street, about a drunk dude walking in and out of traffic. The cops could see the male standing in the street screaming and cussin at folks as they passed by. The male was later identified as a 27 year old fella named Joseph Michael. As officers pulled up, Joe walked up to them, stuck out his middle finger and flipped them the bird. He then asked the officers what was their problem and then asked "how strong are you two?" He balled up his fists and put up dukes positioning to throw a punch. He was told to relax and then immediately tackled to the ground. As officers tried to restrain him, dude started growling and lunged his face toward the cop’s arm trying to bite him like a dog. Oh’ hell naw! Within seconds the suspect was placed in cuffs and thrown in the back of the cruiser. While cuffed he attempted several times to spit on the officers and AFD. Dude was hauled to Summit County Jail. Is he crazy or what?


Akeem thinks it was his ol’ jealous hearted neighbor that keyed his truck:

Yeah! I think the hater did it. On July 27, around 9 a.m. officers responded to house in the 1300 block of Orlando Avenue, about a report that some jerk had keyed 27 year old Akeem Sharpe’s white 2004 Ford F150 truck. Keem said that he had been out of town and when he came home there was a scratch on his damn truck starting at the front passenger headlight, going down the whole passenger side of the truck, across the tailgate and both taillights, down the whole driver's side of the truck and ending at the driver's side headlight. He stated that his sister noticed the scratch on Sunday morning. He also is suspicious because his neighbor across the street said he had seen someone in the driveway by where the truck was parked sometime on Saturday but couldn’t tell what the person looked like. A Criminal Damaging report was taken.

Drug agents nab old Jim trying to hide drugs in the Bar raid: This is a damn shame! Another ol’ geezer out there acting a fool. On July 30, around 11 p.m., SNUD Unit and DPS executed a search warrant at the Archwood Bar located at 752 East Archwood Road. As drug agents scrambled to get the raid under control an agent spotted a 67 year old White male A. James Lee dash to the restroom. The report said that Jimmy Lee ran to the bathroom after observing detectives making their approach. Detectives busted in the restroom and found a marijuana pipe and 1 gram of methamphetamines in the trash can. While searching they found 9 grams of weed, a screen and the pipe in Jim’s pants pocket. What in the hell is going on with these old folks fighting and getting high acting a damn fool. Mr. Lee was arrested a hauled downtown. Oooowe! Jim that hard mattress ain’t good for your arthritis.