The REAL Black Friday starts tonight

James W. Wade III | 8/15/2014, 9:06 a.m.
The Real Black Friday is aiming to band these business owners together during this weekend to showcase their talents and ...
The Real Black Friday starts on August 15, 2014.

Who needs to wait until November for the best shopping money can buy? Not us! Join the Call & Post and other Black businesses from around Ohio as they launch The Real Black today Friday on Aug. 15.

The brainchild of LaRese B. Purnell, The Real Black Friday will emphasize the sometimes overlooked Black-owned business market. Purnell has compiled a list of Black-owned businesses surrounding the greater Cleveland area and has partnered with so Kinky so Curly so Straight, the Urban Design Suite and NuLife Fitness Camp to kick off this inaugural event.

The Real Black Friday leads into a weekend’s worth of support in which Cleveland and Northeast Ohio will spotlight Black-owned businesses.

The Real Black Friday is aiming to band these business owners together during this weekend to showcase their talents and treasures, while encouraging consumerism within these businesses. This consumerism will of course bring tax dollars to the communities these businesses serve. Another goal of The Real Black Friday is to reenergize the power of the Black dollar and call attention to the power of economics.

With this list and through the use of social media as well as the website, www.therealblackfriday.com, Purnell has reached out to local Black-owned business owners and asked that they register for this absolutely free event.

During this celebration, a project The Urban Design Suite proprietor Alvin Smith has been working on called “Black in Cleveland” will be launched showing off many Clevelanders including our own Associate Publisher Connie Harper and other notable figures.

The driving force behind the book “Black in Cleveland” was derived from three major passions in Smith’s life. First, he has a passion for being African American and seeing his people become successful. The next passion he has is for photography, specifically portraits.

Being able to take an individual, talk to them for about 5 minutes and then capture their personality in an amazing portrait creates a certain zeal for Smith. The third passion he has is for the city of Cleveland; the city that raised him and taught him everything that he knows. It’s the city that energizes him and the city where God meets him daily.

He loves this city. He loves his people and he loves photography. “Black in Cleveland” was the perfect idea to inhabit all of his passions into one stellar project. So what is “Black in Cleveland” you may ask? “Black in Cleveland” is a collection of portraits of some of Cleveland’s most dynamic African Americans.

Purnell has spearheaded this initiative in order to empower all consumers, but especially Black consumers to reach into their pockets and spend their money in businesses that serve the underserved.

“I am trying to get as many Black business owners as possible to come be a part of this great event,” Purnell said. His purpose is to unite the Black community and give them a reason to do business with each other.

The purpose of The Real Black Friday is fourfold. First, to bring attention to the sometimes overlooked black-owned business market. Registered business owners will have an opportunity to showcase their talent, products, and services the entire weekend while consumers are encouraged to support as many black-owned establishments as possible. Second, The Real Black Friday aims to bring tax dollars to the communities the businesses serve.