Countdown to 100

News Desk | 8/19/2014, 7:26 p.m.
Since our inception, we’ve seen thousands of Black businesses come and go. We understand, probably better than most, that survival ...
Countdown to 100 years serving the Black community.

For 98 years, the Call and Post has been the conduit of information – the central nervous system – of Cleveland’s Black community. We sought to inform, educate and entertain during a time when there were blatant efforts to keep African Americans regulated to second class citizenship. Through it all, our own as well as the community’s struggles and successes, we have told the story of Cleveland’s Black community in all facets and on all fronts. We have shared these stories both local and national. We have given our prospective on issues playing out on a world stage yet affecting what happens in our own backyard that has been the most gratifying for us to be a part of for almost a century.

The Call and Post is also an ongoing story, revealing the visions of trailblazing Black businessmen such as Garrett Morgan, W.O. Walker, and current publisher Don King. And, our story is similar to the many Black businesses throughout the state of Ohio.

The idea of cooperative economics in the Black community is something that the Call and Post has stood for its entire existence. In fact, we are the product of cooperative economics at its best – the merger of two Black newspapers that joined forces to survive for decades to come.

We firmly believe Black owned and operated businesses should be the cornerstone of our community. It is imperative for us to flourish as a healthy economic entity. The power of our dollar speaks loudest of all to a fiscally driven society and it’s time for us to stand behind it and be heard.

We applaud Larese Purnell. The “Real Black Friday” is a much-needed initiative to strengthen the Black dollar in our neighborhoods. It is a way of making sure goods and services are accessible at a fair price and high quality to the people who support these businesses. At the same time, the money we spend is used to build up our communities, not tear them down.

Since our inception, we’ve seen thousands of Black businesses come and go. We understand, probably better than most, that survival in business is contingent upon two things: advertising and support. We encourage you to buy Black as much as possible. As a whole, we are stronger, when our business community is stronger.

We ask you to walk with us to 100 years of The Call and Post in the community, to support us as we support you. Because, as small Black owned businesses in this city, if we’re not here to tell your story, who will?

Past, present and future, we continue to be Ohio’s “Black news leader” and “The People’s Paper.”