Browns lose to St. Louis Rams

James W. Wade III | 8/24/2014, 11:03 a.m.
Browns lose third game in a row.

When it came to offense for the Cleveland Browns he could not be found. Browns lost to the St. Louis Rams 33 to 14 in their first pre season home game. Lot of hype about Cleveland sports this year and the Browns have yet to win a game.

Many fans are concerned on how this will affect the season starting so far 0 – 3. “It doesn’t. It’s just disappointing. I think we had circled this date, and to me when you play at home you only get one chance to make a first impression for your fans, even though it is the preseason. That, to me, is disappointing that our fans deserved a better performance tonight. They showed up ready to go, revved up, and we didn’t give much to cheer about,” said Browns coach Mike Pettine.

Brian Hoyer who was named starting quarterback this week struggled again with the offense. Knowing Hoyer only had two practice sessions since the Monday night game against the Washington Redskins.

In the middle of the third quarter linebacker Chris Kirksey intercepted a pass over the middle meant for Alex Bayer. Kirksey ran 23 yards down the sideline to setup and a touchdown for the Browns.

Wide Receiver Andrew Hawkins provided a spark for the offense and played excellent. Even with Hoyer being the starter Johnny Manziel was still able to come in and score for the Browns. “It was a great play call by (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan), an awesome read by (QB Brian) Hoyer and it was just the right play for the right defense. Hoyer did a great job coming backside of the play and really letting it develop; and the result was a touchdown,” said Hawkins.

Manziel received a great welcome in FirstEnergy Stadium but seem to still have that mentality to be cocky and should settle in and play football. Manziel was fined $12,000 last week for giving the finger while leaving the Redskins bench.

“As soon as we walked off the field last week in Washington that was in the past, so I had to move forward. The focus was on the game this week and making sure I was more decisive and really let it fly. I felt that's what I didn't do last week, and if I had thrown the ball like I did today last week I think I would have been a little better off. It's a new day, you learn from it, make sure I don't do that again and be hesitant,” said Manziel.

No matter how much Manziel provided coach Pettine is not quite ready to replace Hoyer as the starter. “We're going to watch the tape and see where we are. I did say that that's on the table, but I think we need continuity as a starting offense before we start to worry about going to a change-up,” said coach Pettine.

The defense had issues too, maybe missing Joe Haden and Buster Skrine may have been a problem since rookie Justin Gilbert had a bad night. “I didn’t make plays when I needed to. That’s pretty much it,” said Gilbert.