Editorial: Hoodies and hands up or hit them where it hurts

Editorial Staff | 8/27/2014, 11:38 a.m.
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Whenever the conversation of police brutality or any of the other injustices enacted upon the African Americans here in the United States, particularly at the hands of White police officers or folk in general, the frequently asked question is what is the solution?

Before exploring some answers, let us remind you of an old cliché. “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

With that being said, let’s turn the pages back to one of the most classic examples of righting a racist wrong, The Montgomery Bus Boycott. The movement sparked by Rosa Park’s arrest after her refusal to give up her seat in the front of the bus for a White person.

We all know this as the act that lead to Black folk being granted the “privilege” of sitting anywhere they so choose. But, in essence of it all, we gained so much more as a result.

How? Like this.

First, it started with someone being sick and tired of being sick and tired. It started with someone saying “enough is enough.” Second, beyond marching and protesting, there was a plan of action - stop riding the bus. And, after a YEAR had passed and that bus company realized how much money they had lost, they were ready to reason.

The point here is obvious. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was successful, not because Black folk in Alabama marched down to city hall one day then dispersed after chanting for an hour or so. It was successful because they withheld their money for an entire YEAR.

They hit them where it hurts.

And, when it was all said and done, we not only gained an open seating policy, we also opened the door for African Americans to become bus drivers. In turn, that afforded a lot of us the opportunity for a better life.

So, when we ask ourselves, why are more and more Black men suffering from what is basically modern day lynching? The answer is simple. It’s because we are protesting and marching with no destination in mind and no demands in place in addition to probably the most important piece - a willingness to sacrifice something.

Plain and simple. Protests without demands are pointless. Yelling “No Justice, No Peace” gets you no where if you fail to outline the injustice and its retributions.

What do you think Dr. Martin Luther King was doing up in the White House, surely not sightseeing and taking selfies? He was doing what Malcolm X called TCB, taking care of business.

He was negotiating demands. Where are today’s negotiators?

In all actuality, it doesn’t seem like we’ve reached the “enough is enough” stage these days. It seems like we’ve come to enjoy too many comforts, or two busy chasing our dreams, that we’re just not willing to sacrifice anything for a significant amount of time to gain something sustainable. That’s why we keep ending up at the same place - a young boy dead at the hands of some White person.