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Organization challenges community to ‘adopt-a-school’

Rhonda Crowder | 8/27/2014, 9:59 a.m.
Gail Reese has challenge organizations to Adopt a School

The Adopt-A-School network, a 501c(3) and one component to the outreach mission of the Ministry of

Reconciliation, is calling for more churches and businesses to step up and adopt the schools in their neighborhood.

According to Gail Reese, founder of the Adopt-A-School network, there are 7 schools and 40 to 50 churches in every neighborhood. So she’s calling upon them first. In fact, they have designated Sept. 21, as “Adopt-a-School” Sunday. During this time, they will ask all educators within a congregation to ascertain what schools their youth are attending

“We want to raise up an army of volunteers from these churches, for them to get involved in any kind of way they can, to support students and families,” she said.

Through this initiative, the Adopt-A-School network will steer support and resources toward public schools, charter schools and religious/Christians schools in the area. And, she’s not just calling upon the clergy, she’s also asking barber and beauty shops to hop a aboard.

“Let’s get every school adopted. It’s a myriad of ways to help,” she added.

Reese explained that the adopt-a-school network provides free tutoring and mentorships to students in addition chaperones when necessary. Adopters do a variety of things such as donating supplies, uniforms, and food baskets for the families.

Individuals can serve as adopters as well.

Reese, who has been pushing this movement for quite some time, doesn’t mind if two or three entities adopt the same school. She simply wants these schools to receive some assistance.

“We really want to work with the community,” she said. “We’re telling people to look at the school right around the corner.”

Schools that have been adopted through this initiative are:

John F. Kennedy

John Adams

A.F. Rickoff

Daniel E. Morgan

Charles Elliott