What's wrong with the Cavs, are they quitters?

James W. Wade III | 2/5/2014, 12:15 p.m.
Could the blame fall on General manager Chris Grant? Has his job been saved by finally making a great trade ...

Cleveland continues to be looking for a sports team that can bring home the gold.

The Cavs are on a losing streak and many fans want to know if they are really trying to win? Kyrie Irving, who many look to as the leader, seems to not be into playing for the team anymore.

Cavs coach Mike Brown does not seem to have what it takes to coach. The Los Angeles Lakers did not waste any time getting rid of him and moving on. Cleveland fans think Cavs owner Dan Gilbert should step out and be more like the Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and let Brown go.

“It’s no secret. We’ve got to get wins to build that confidence, even more, for us. That’s the biggest thing,” said Brown. When the Cavs played the New York Knicks in New York, they made Cleveland look bad in front of all the celebrities in attendance for the Super Bowl.

Luol Deng seems to be dropping in a least 18 points a game for the Cavs while Tristan Thompson is helping out. When you sit back and look at how they are playing, can you imagine who needs to start and who needs to be on the bench?

Monday night, when the Cavs played the Dallas Mavericks, they started Jarrett Jack for the second straight game. It seemed to be a great move for Brown, even though they lost 124-107, adding insult to injury as their fifth straight loss in their last eight games.

Cavs need some excitement in the air. Rumors of fighting in the locker room and on the floor are circulating and the team is playing like they don’t want to win. This is something they must decide to fix soon.

Could the blame fall on General manager Chris Grant? Has his job been saved by finally making a great trade with Chicago this year for Deng? Even announcers, like former Cavalier Austin Carr, has said, they are giving up. It would be nice to see the Cavs make some changes somewhere.

Grant came out last Wednesday and talked about the poor effort of the Cavs.

“Lack of effort is just not acceptable,” said Grant. Just as it was rumored that Brown could not coach LeBron James, many feel he can not coach Irving.

You look around and see players like Anderson Varejao with a hurt knee, but he’s a good hustler, just not a great center. Brown let Ty Zeller play and he is doing great for a second year player.

Brown often talks about Varejao and how much he means to the team.

“It’s exciting for me. It’s exciting for our fans and the organization to see just a great guy who brings the right stuff to the table on a night in and night out basis have the longevity that he’s had so far,” Brown said.

The stats show the Cavaliers rank ninth in the NBA in turnover rate (the percentage of possessions that end in a turnover) and 12th in offensive-rebound rate (the percentage of available offensive rebounds actually collected by the offense), which means they do just fine at maximizing the sheer number of possessions they have in a given game.

By not turning the ball over and rebounding a healthy percentage of their missed shots, the Cavs probably come out ahead of the game in that arena.