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Ben Holbert new Woodmere Village Council President

News Desk | 1/8/2014, 10:58 a.m.

Woodmere Village Council met Sunday afternoon and unanimously voted former TV newsman, Ben Holbert, as council president. Holbert has been a resident of Woodmere since 1995 and was first sworn-in as a council member January 2012.

His career as a news anchor and reporter consist of stints at WKYC-TV, WOIO/WUAB-TV, and WJMO-AM.

“I look forward to helping our community move forward,” said Holbert. He added, “What makes Woodmere exciting are the ample upscale businesses as well as our fabulous residents.”

Councilwoman Glenda Todd-Miller was re-elected to a second term on council during the November 2012 General Election. She thinks Woodmere is on the right track and believes Holbert has the skills to lead. “Ben was the best person for the position. He has my full support and I am looking forward to working with Ben and the mayor to make great things happen for our village,” said Todd-Miller.

Charles E. Smith Jr., was also re-elected for a second term as mayor. “We have built a great nucleus here. The previous leadership never expected this area to grow the way it has,” Smith said. “We’ve been very much liberal in allowing retail establishments and eateries to come in to the village to thrive and the proof is now in the pudding.”

Under Smith’s administration Woodmere has seen notable growth: retail vacancy rates are less than 10 percent and village financial reserves exceed $100,000. By most accounts, there has been market improvement to Woodmere’s image and public perception.

In 2013, Holbert served as chairman of both the finance and utilities committees. As he takes over as council president, replacing Lisa Brockwell, she will assume the duties as finance chair. Brockwell is the senior member of council, arriving in office in 2005. Rounding out the seven-member, part-time council, is newcomer Craig Wade, third-year councilmembers Tennyson Adams and Azaadjeet Singh, and second-term councilmember Jennifer Mitchell-Earley.