Nate Martin wants what’s best for East Cleveland

James W. Wade III | 1/22/2014, 11:02 a.m.
He worked with prisoners for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, helping them to toss off their old habits and find ...

In recent news stories, we have reported on various issues and problems facing East Cleveland, especially their state of finances. Talks about Cleveland merging with East Cleveland have been brought up recently more and more.

One of East Cleveland Councilman Nathaniel Martin have taken an open minded approach to the possibility and even held a forum to discuss the pros and cons of it. Martin has served the city of East Cleveland for 10 years. He is a proud sponsor of legislation that sent $10,000 for Shaw High School students to represent the United States and perform in Beijing, China. In year, 2008 Councilman-at-large Nathaniel Martin sponsored legislation in the amount of $50,000 that employed 25 of our youth in the first city run summer youth employment program.

His resume does not reflect the heart of a man driven by money. It reflects the heart of a man driven by the need to serve others.

Martin, in various conversations, has express his passion for East Cleveland, raising awareness to such things as the post office and Huron Road Hospital closing, leaving people wondering where the money is.

From the beginning of his career in social services, Martin worked with gang members while employed with the Hough House. He helped them to get off the street, return to school and find jobs. He worked with welfare mothers for Cleveland Works, helping them to develop confidence and find jobs.

He worked with prisoners for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, helping them to toss off their old habits and find a new path to follow in life. He worked with high-risk women in need of pre-natal care at Harvard Community Services Center, making referrals to appropriate medical and social services agencies. He also worked with Americans Coming Together, a countywide voter registration and voter education project. He currently is a Legal Courier with Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services. It seems that whenever you find people in need, you’ll find Nathaniel Martin.

“I want all my residents to be informed on what will or can happen if they decide they vote for the merger. I had all the right people at the forum for everyone to ask their questions,” Martin said.

Just like any hard working man, Martin has raised his voice and yelled at many council meetings about how he was not satisfied with the direction Mayor Gary Norton is leading the city.

Martin stepped up after the Call & Post endorsed the merger.

“I just think the time is right to have the discussion,” Forbes said. “And it surprised me to discover how many people feel the same way. I see a greater city through this merger. I really do.”

East Cleveland is home to around 18,000 people and that’s less than a Cleveland City Council district. It is no secret that East Cleveland has been in a state of fiscal emergency on-and-off through the years, a condition that requires state budgetary oversight. Last year, they went into trouble because the city was unable to submit a plan to erase a $5.87 million deficit.

“I will continue to fight for my residents in East Cleveland. I love this city and I have the heart to stand up and go toe to toe with anyone if they are wrong about anything involving my city,” said Martin.