Rev. George O. Stewart celebrates 45 year Anniversary

James W. Wade III | 7/2/2014, 10:11 a.m.
Rev. Stewart has proven to be a great spiritual and inspirational leader for the church and the community, as well ...
Rev. George Stewart with his daughters Kimberly Stewart, Tonya Noel, Carolyn Bishop celebrating his 45 year anniversary as pastor of Zion Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. Photo by James W. Wade III

Pastor George O. Stewart celebrated his forty fifth year as pastor of the Zion Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. Hearing the call from Deacon Charles Lee and other Rev. Stewart, came to lead this church that has become a cornerstone in the Lee Harvard community.

The Zion Chapel Family truly came together to show the appreciation to their pastor.

The 2014 Theme was “Reconciliation” “Our Greatest Challenge - Our Only Hope” II Corinthians 5:18. The church must show the desire of God by loving what God loves and hating what God hates.

For all these years Pastor Stewart has stood erect and God has prepared his heart; fixing it in firm faith on the promises of our Heavenly Father.

The church made sure to let him know it’s because he have accepted this responsibility, you can say “I was strengthened on as the hand of the Lord my God was upon me.” (Ezra 7:28). Your method of teaching the Word has had a profound impact on individual lives, families and this community. The church feels he has laid down a marvelous foundation for one’s faith.

Since leaving those days of Temple Baptist Church and Mary B. Wise, since being at Zion Chapel, he has strengthened, structured them about redemption from his teaching. “He has planted in our hearts of our Lord willingly going to Calvary on our behalf. I can’t thank him enough for his dedication and love,” said 45 year members Charles and Gloria Lee.

Over the years, Rev. Stewart has proven to be a great spiritual and inspirational leader for the church and the community, as well as an Evangelistic Teacher nationwide. Along with his pastoral duties and many, many, Bible Classes, Pastor Stewart holds office in the Northern Ohio Baptist District Association Congress of Christian Education as President.

He served on the Board of Directors for the Religious Conference Management Association (RCMA) as well as their past Secretary Treasurer and is currently an active member for over 20 years. He is the Treasurer for the Baptist Pastors’ Council and the National Missionary Baptist Association of Ohio and once The Chief Executive Officer of The Lee/Miles Ministerial Alliance that serves the Southeast area with food distribution.

Pastor Stewart has served as the chairman of the Board for the Ministerial Day Care Association. He served on the Board of Trustees for the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. He is an active member of the Minister’s Educational Network in our community, adopting schools of John F. Kennedy High School and Charles W. Eliot Middle School.

Rev. Stewart continues to hold over five Bible classes per week at Zion Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. We are currently partnering with the Individuals Stepping out against Breast Cancer to further awareness.

While spending time with Rev. Stewart he has shared about the many improvements made to the church in years gone by. They have added a new dining area and the lobby have been renovated.

The place where he now holds his Bible Classes use to be the church. But, when they built the new edifice, it was paid for in eight years. They were blessed to purchase property at 4208, 4228, 4248, 4250, 4254 Lee Road, along with their parking lot across the street and property behind the church on E. 164th St. which is being rented out.

Under Rev. Stewart’s leadership, they have done massive renovations in the sanctuary.

The church have purchased an audiovisual system to it assist auxiliaries and projecting their workshops on screen.

When Rev. Stewart came to Zion, he and his lovely wife Delores Lorraine Stewart was happy to be with the church. While married, they had four beautiful girls: Cynthia Renee (who preceded her in death), Carolyn Denise, Tonya LaTrice and Kimberly Andrea.

In 2012, Sister Stewart passed but will forever be in his heart. Because of the love of his wife, he can still enjoy the fun and love of his daughters. Rev. Stewart’s legacy will be etched in Zion Chapel’s history noting he is a true pastor and preaching nothing but the word of God.