Could LeBron James be returning to the Cavaliers?

James W. Wade III | 7/10/2014, 8:41 a.m.
LeBron James walked away Wednesday July 9, from a meeting with Miami Heat's Pat Riley with no contract.

LeBron James and his agent Rich Paul met with Riley on Wednesday July 9, and walk away with no sign contract to play with Miami. This may be good for Cleveland because the Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to a three-team trade to clear enough salary-cap room to make James a maximum contract offer, opening a path for his possible homecoming, sources said. The Cavaliers are also pursuing a trade for Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, contingent on James returning to Cleveland,

This week LeBron James will make his big announcement. This week it has been reported that one of Dan Gilbert’s planes left to go to Florida with Žydrūnas Ilgauskas (Z) supposedly on the plane.

If you think back a few years ago when James left Cleveland, guess who he also got to come to Miami with him? Yes that’s right Z, even when they retired Z’s jersey James came to see it. They have a great relationship over the years and maybe Z is down their courting the idea with his friend to convince him to come home.

You hear mixed emotions about James coming home. Many seen to be in favor of it, no matter how bad he left Gilbert and Cleveland hanging.

James opted out with his current Miami Heat contract creating rumors about him coming back to Cleveland. There is no real confirmation that James actually will leave Miami after four years and two championships with the Heat.

But to have talks with the Cavs is a sure sign that he has not ruled out coming back or at least having it on his mind. So many pieces are out there to give hope that James may return home…remember his wife tweeted “Home sweet Home the countdown is real #330.”

If you like him or not having James on your team almost guarantees some success in the NBA and lot’s of television coverage. James is one of the greatest players and will go down in the record books as a champion. Being still young he has many good years left to play if he does not get injured.

James could be a great fit with the Cavs now after the last draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, the number one overall pick. The Cavs also believe they have made the greatest move yet this summer, convincing Kyrie Irving to sign a five-year maximum contract extension in the first few hours of free agency.

The Cavs own three first-round picks in the 2015 draft to help pick up some slack to build on the team’s roster next year. Brendan Haywood will be on the Cavs' books for $2.2 million this season but has a $10.5 million deal for the following season that isn't guaranteed until Aug. 1, 2015. This is one of the most unique contracts in the league, and the Cavs could use it in a straight trade or a sign-and-trade to add a major free agent next summer, even though they aren't positioned to have cap space.

Haywood is coming to the Cavs from a trade where they gave up Alonzo Gee. But in keeping it real, the Cavs currently don't have the cap space to sign James to the $20.7 million maximum contract he is looking for.

For weeks the Cavs has been shopping Jarrett Jack who would help free up some space when they let him go and get that $6.3 million salary off the books.

This is the week that everyone has been waiting to see if James will truly return to Cleveland.

Could Z be working with him and making it lower, or is Gilbert thinking of willing and dealing some more players to make the space? The other question that’s not answered yet, can James and Gilbert make up and get along for the sake of a championship?

There is an ongoing movement in Ohio to get Lebron back. To learn more go to wwwletsgetlebronbacktocleveland.com This movement is originating in Cincinnati, Ohio.