Cleveland shootings continue

James W. Wade III | 7/16/2014, 9:32 a.m.
The Cleveland Division of Police Fifth District Detective Bureau is currently investigating a shooting which occurred on Saturday, July 12, ...

While Cleveland is preparing for the return of LeBron James and The Republican National Convention, they have to make sure the streets are safe. Mayor Frank G. Jackson has offered new gun laws to protect the citizens.

Tuesday July 15, Mayor Frank G. Jackson submitted to Cleveland City Council a complete rewrite of the City of Cleveland’s guns laws and proposed a new gun offender registry to help prevent gun violence, in order to save lives and make the city’s neighborhoods safer.

“We’ve taken thousands of guns off the streets of Cleveland over the last eight and a half years. We work in partnership with law enforcement on all levels to take violent offenders off the street. And, we’ve added police officers to our gang unit to help address the problem,” said Mayor Jackson. “This legislation, if passed, will give us another way to attack the problem of gun violence in Cleveland and make Cleveland a safer place.”

The Jackson Administration has discussed this proposed legislation with City Council President Kevin Kelley and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee Matt Zone and looks forward to participating in the public hearings that will be held regarding the legislation.

“Gun violence has taken far too many lives in our community. The City of Cleveland must act aggressively to address this issue,” said City Council President Kevin Kelley. “I look forward to further discussion of the ordinances through the committee process where Councilman Zone has assured a thorough hearing process.”

"The Public Safety Committee welcomes this legislation and the conversations that it will prompt to help address this high priority issue in our city," said Councilman Matt Zone, Chair of the Public Safety Committee. "I am confident that my colleagues in Council and on the Safety Committee will have thoughtful and productive input as we move forward with the legislative process."

The legislation submitted today would repeal the City of Cleveland’s existing codified ordinances in Chapter 627 Weapons and Explosives and would replace it with new laws addressing specific violence prevention needs in the City of Cleveland and laws that would mirror existing state gun laws, with appropriate municipal level offenses and penalties.

Greater Cleveland Congregations has come out against all the illegal guns that have made it into our communities. The community came out in support of this rally held at the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, where the Rev. Jawanza Colvin is the pastor. He served as a chair for the event.

“Until now, we have given silent consent to the proliferation of guns in our society. Until now, we have given silent consent as guns are illegally trafficked from the suburbs to the city and back again,” said Rabbi Josh Caruso, co-chair of the Greater Cleveland Congregations gun violence committee.

In an interview with Colvin and Donna Weinberger, they talked about the various stages of government they plan on asking for help. Federal, county and local law enforcement leaders agreed to meet.

This past weekend various crimes took place in Cleveland. A few shootings occurred like the one where the Cleveland Division of Police Fourth District Detective Bureau is currently investigating. A shooting occurred on Friday, July 11, 2013 at approximately 6:45 p.m. Officers responded to Kerruish Park at 17200 Tarkington.