New York newspaper calls President Obama the n-word

Kush Azrael | 7/16/2014, 9:42 a.m.
The article, written by James Lincoln Collier, despite the use of the racist slur was actually pro-Obama and also criticized ...
President Barack Obama

When is it ever ok to call the president of the United States a nig*er?

Well, a small New York newspaper felt that the time was now, even 50 years after the passing of the Civil rights bill.

The WestView News, a newspaper that promotes itself by calling it “The Voice of West Village” printed an op-ed column in its July edition called “The Nigger in the White House.”

The article, written by James Lincoln Collier, despite the use of the racist slur was actually pro-Obama and also criticized “racism” by the far right. Collier wrote, “These far right voters hate Obama because he is Black. The simple truth is that there is still in America an irreducible measure of racism.” He went on to say, “But America’s increasing tolerance of far-right opinion has made racism more acceptable, so long as it can be disguised, however thinly, as politics.” Collier goes on to name The New York Times specifically, saying the newspaper is a part of this problem as a member of the media that is “wary of addressing the issue.”

For some reason the paper, which distributes to 20,000 readers a month, did not publish article on its website. However, a copy was posted online by the New York Post along with another article by a Black columnist, Alvin Hall of WestView News, which was printed below Collier’s, criticizing it. In a rebuttal tilted “The Headline Offends Me,” Hall Wrote “I don’t see how its use benefits anyone, but I do feel all too clearly how it deeply offends me.”

Social media has been on fire as its users criticized Collier’s piece.

The publisher of the newspaper George Capsis conceded that the decision to use the offensive word was wrong and has since apologized.

Capsis admitted that he did not follow the advice of his staff, who had warned him not to use the racist word. He said Collier did not realize how offensive the word is and was even proud of the piece. He [Collier] thought that any Black person who read the article would think it was brilliant. Capsis also admits that having Hall’s piece next to Colliers was not enough to justify the use of the n-word. However some people looking on have said that the inclusion of Hall’s piece reveals “the depth of thought” that went into deciding to use Colliers headline in the first place.

Collier has caused controversy in the past for using the n-word in a publication. His 1981 novel “Jump Ship to Freedom” uses the N-word over and over. It was taken off the shelves of some libraries because of this.