Police Blotter Week of July 16, 2014

Bob Ferguson | 7/16/2014, 11:59 a.m.
If you hear it or can see it, report it because your call could save someone’s life.

Crime of the week

Akron Ohio:

Man caught breaking into woman’s car asked, please don’t call the police: BULL CRAP! On July 6, around 8:50 p.m., officers responded to report about an unknown male sitting in a woman’s car. When officers arrived on scene they found the suspect being detained by several citizens. He was immediately placed in handcuffs by officers. The victim stated that she pulled into the driveway on Oakland Avenue and observed the suspect sitting in the driver seat of her vehicle. The victim stated that the suspect had entered her unlocked car and was leaning over as if he was going through the contents in the console. The victim stated that the suspect tried to walk away and ask her not to call the police. The victim stated that the suspect handed her a house key that he stole from the center console of the vehicle and he walked away. The victim and a witness stated they followed the suspect and detained him until police arrived. The suspect was intoxicated and had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. The suspect was unsteady on his feet and he told officers that he had drank a lot today. The suspect was transported to the Summit County jail. BUSTED!


He told folks at his party don’t pay attention to the police and keep jamming: Is he crazy or what? “To hell with the police, ya’ll keep on jamming.” On July 5, around 2 a.m., officers were dispatched to a house in the 700 block of Haze Avenue, about some folks that were making way too much noise at a party. When they arrived they found a 29 year old dude named Gabriel Benson drunk as a skunk. Officers tried to advise him and several others to get back onto their property and to quiet down. Gab told the officers to get the hell out of here and told the other people with him not to listen to the cops. Officers advised Gabriel several times that he could not drink and be disorderly on public property (sidewalk/street). He refused to listen and was placed under arrest. After being arrested the subject refused to give officers any information about his name, date of birth or anything else. Gabby was hauled off to jail.

Shaun Phipps caught red handed in the red car with meth on his person:

What the hell was this fool thinking? On July 7, around 4 p.m., the police arrived at a known crack house located in the 1200 block of Virginia Avenue, to investigate possible drug activity on Akron Metropolitan Housing property. While there they saw a 33 year old dude name Shaun Phipps enter that location. The police went up to the door and after conducting a knock & talk, and during a consent search, a bundle of meth was found in Shaun’s wallet. WHAM! That’s it to jail and here comes the judge.

Slick Rick refused to tell the cops his name so they arrested him as alias