A Tribute to Success for Conella Brown

News Desk | 7/23/2014, 10:04 a.m.
Conella Brown in her response said, "Gratitude to Jesus Christ , to Rev. Charles P. Lucas, Vicar and the committee ...
Conella Brown

Friends of the St. James AME Church family gathered last month to give one of the long-time members a rousing send-off . The Student Aid Committee of St. James hosted "A Tribute to Success" for Camilla Coulter Brown during the 10 a.m. services. Camilla Brown will be returning to her hometown in Kansas City Missouri.

"Now in my 89th year, I'm returning to home, where I will live with my daughter Saundra, and among the Coulter family and lifelong friends", Conella said as she said her good byes..

Mrs. Brown's distinguished career with the Cleveland Public Schools began as a social studies

teacher at Patrick Henry Junior High School in 1954. She retired as the Assistant Superintendent in Community Relations in 1980. As an educator her skills and dedication were unparalleled.

The Student Aid Committee honored Mrs. Brown for her tireless service and outstanding achievements. One of the highlight of the service was the tribute message delivered by the honoree's daughter Bishop Saundra McFadden Brown Weaver, Community Fellowship Church of Jesus Christ in Kansas City, Missouri. Former students and their representatives paying tributes included Geraldine Dockery, whose cousin Myron J. Fleming, the director of Doorkeepers of the Senate was inspired by Mrs. Brown in the 9th grade; Dr. Melody Baker, whose mother Adelaide Kaiser was a close friend of the honoree; and rev. James Tanner, Jr., Esq., Associate Pastor of Quinn Chapel Church.

Soloist included Marjorie Washington, Earline Hooper and Lorenzo Samuel Hooper, Jr., guitar and song soloist The St. Jam Mimes Dancers directed by Eleanor Jackson were also featured. Presentations to the honoree were made by Carrie Crockett and Gloria Glover, co chair. Proclamations from the City of Cleveland and Shaker Heights were also presented. Former Councilman Al Foster represented Shaker Mayor Leiken.

Conella Brown in her response said, "Gratitude to Jesus Christ , to Rev. Charles P. Lucas, Vicar and the committee and all who contributed time, energy and effort to making her Tribute a success. Serving my God, the Student Aid Program and the establishment of our Endowment Fund, now over $360,000,were my highest priorities. Working and receiving active support from St. James Saints enabled me to make these accomplishment."

Closing out the program with a personal tribute was former student the Rev .Dr. Charles P. Lucas, Jr.,VICAR.

A reception followed in the Fellowship Hall. Officers and members of the Student Aid Committee are: Rita Taylor, president; Heather Beasley, vice president; Carl Jeffries, treasurer; Carol Beasley, secretary; Earline Hooper, Worship Leader, Reception Geraldine Dockery and Ella Couch.

Members, Conella Brown, Carolyn Gavin, Gloria Glover, Barbara Irving, Alice Jackson, Eleanora Jackson, Sue Jones, Madelyn Lee, Dianne Robinson, Steven Sims, Willa Taylor, Alice Tiggett.

In her farewell message to St. James, Conella said, "With God's help my next purpose is to establish a Student Aid Program at my daughter's church in Kansas City."