It’s not too late: choose the public school that works for your child

7/29/2014, 11:03 p.m.
After eight years at The Intergenerational School, Gina will be starting 9th grade at the John Hay School of Science ...

Jerald has finished 8th grade at Citizens Leadership Academy and he’s headed to John Hay Early College to start his high school career.

Jerald and Gina have a lot in common. Their families have made choices about which schools are right for them. They know that where they go to school cam mean a lot for their future. And they chose from among the many excellent public schools – district and charter – that are providing a quality education for Cleveland residents.

The Intergenerational School and Citizens Leadership are charter schools – tuition-free public schools operated independently of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The schools at John Hay are operated by CMSD, but like the two charters that built strong educational foundations for Jerald and Gina, the state has given them high marks for how well they educate Clevelanders.

There are more than 40 top-rated public schools in our city – the number is growing every year – and they are all part of a new plan to transform Cleveland education.

CMSD allows children to attend any public school in the city, regardless of where they live. And it has joined with quality charter schools like the ones Jerald and Gina went to. Together, these schools are remaking education in Cleveland. But many Clevelanders aren’t used to choosing schools, and don’t know that any Cleveland resident can attend any school in the city.

That’s where the Cleveland Transformation Alliance comes in. The Alliance works to make sure that every child in the city can attend a quality school, and that families in every neighborhood have great schools to choose from.

The Alliance is dedicated to supporting families to make informed school choices based on individual fit, to meeting families where they are, and to partnering with trusted community organizations. The Alliance also knows that many factors are important to families when choosing a school, including safety, communication, and the individualized attention a student needs.

Cleveland is home to more than 160 district and charter schools, all tuition-free. There are elementary schools, middle schools, K-8 schools, schools with pre-k, high schools, and more. With so many options and school types available, choosing a school can be a complicated process. The Alliance provides information to families to help guide them as they choose schools that reflect high academic standards.

In the coming weeks, Clevelanders will start to see billboards around town, posters in kiosks along many roads, posters and postcards in local businesses. It’s part of the Alliance campaign to make sure Clevelanders know they can choose the best public school in any part of town for their children.

To help families think about which schools will meet the needs of their children, the Alliance’s interactive website provides a profile on every public school option in the city. Go to www.ClevelandTA.org for more information.

Each school profile features state ratings; school-reported information that includes mission, transportation policies and special programs; and ratings from families, educators and community residents.

Information on all of your public school options can be found at www.clevelandTA.org or by calling 211.

Remember, actively choosing your child’s school can change the future.