Police Blotter Week of July 30, 2014

Bob Ferguson | 7/31/2014, 9:39 a.m.
Nett knows that she’s too old to be out there drunk and acting a damn fool: Whaaaat! Say that again? ...


Woman on Corlett told police that she had recovered her own stolen car: On July 17, around 7:29 p.m., a woman who lives in the 12500 block of Corlett Avenue, called earlier and reported her car had been stolen. She called back and said that she had located her vehicle and was taking it back home because she had a spare key. Miss Lady probably knew where she could locate her car in the first place because she has probably been hit up by this joker in the past. If you let a crack head use your car and they don’t bring it back don’t waste the tax payer’s money calling the police trying to teach his dope fiend a lesson, go get your ride because you know where you will find it, at the CRACK HOUSE, where you will also find the perpetrator. Stop the madness and don’t let the junkie use it and save us some money.

They’re out there fighting and one of them has got a stun gun: HURRY, HURRY! On July 17, around 7:30 p.m., several calls were received from residents near a very popular playground on the Westside, reporting there were about 20 or 25 juveniles boys and girls on the site with bats, sticks and what one caller described as the ticking sound of what was probably a stun gun that was being fired by one of the hoodlums. A number of units were dispatched to the playground to stop this nonsense before one those hardheaded young’uns got hurt.

A big piece of wood just fell of a truck on I-90 West near Lorain: Somebody come and get this big “A” piece of wood that just fell of a truck? On July 17, around 9:04 p.m., and just around dusk, a number of calls were received from motorist traveling along I-90 West near the Lorain Avenue exit, reported that a large piece of wood had fell off a truck onto the high-speed lane and is laying in the middle of the highway reeking a havoc for the traffic. A dispatcher sent a car out to the area to caution the oncoming drivers and she also called ODOT to come out and remove the nuisance before someone ran into it


Partying renegades tore up three rooms at the Indigo Hotel on Park East:

DAMN! What in the hell happened in here? On the night of July 24, undoubtedly a partying bunch got a little rambunctious and things got out of hand and all hell broke loose with the celebrators who had rented rooms 310, 313 and 314 at the swank Indigo Hotel on Park East Drive. The hotel cleaning crew went in the next day and found the three rooms in shambles with crap thrown all over the place and extensive damage from a party the night before. I’m sure the drunken partiers called themselves having a good time but the hotel will have the last laugh because they always get a credit card upfront. Guess what? Somebody is going to get the bill for this foolishness and the renter's credit cards is on hold for the damages and civil charges will be filed.