Stories for June 2014

Friday, June 27

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Wiggins led Kansas in steals with 41 and was second on the team with 34 blocked shots.

Thursday, June 26

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2014 NBA Draft tonight

Third time may be ok for the Cavs, if they play their card right.

Wednesday, June 25

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David Blatt is Cavs new coach

Cleveland Cavaliers introduced the new coach David Blatt on Wednesday June 25, 2014 to the Cleveland Media.

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The redemption story of a ‘Crybaby Gangster

While incarcerated, Cry met LAD who ran a label out in Los Angeles but was serving time in Ohio.

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ETPI report: State tax policy changes have increased homeowners’ and farmers’ tax burden

State tax policy changes have increased homeowners’ and farmers’ tax burden 2/2/2/2/2 While the report does show that property values for homes and agricultural properties have increased over the period

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Rock & Dock opens as part of the North Coast Harbor

Rock & Dock will host a number of events to attract visitors to the area including paddle boat races, exercise classes and will collaborate with North Coast Harbor’s management team, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, to present other recreational activities.

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Gladiators win on the last play, again

The Gladiators victory clinched a playoff berth in the American Conference.

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Jews caught using racist terms to refer to Blacks

Kushi is a Hebrew slur for dark skinned people and but today its English equivalent is the N-word.

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RNC Selects Cleveland and Dallas as 2016 Finalists

Today, the Republican National Committee’s Site Selection Committee selected Cleveland, Ohio and Dallas, Texas as finalists to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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Mayor Jackson pushing for new gun legislation

Limiting Firearm Purchases to one per person every 90 days. No person shall purchase or otherwise acquire more than one firearm within a 90-day period. No person shall sell or otherwise transfer a firearm to any person who has purchased or acquired another firearm within the preceding 90-day period.

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Women of Color urge Obama to‘re-align’ ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

The women added, “We simply cannot agree that the effects of these conditions on women and girls should pale to the point of invisibility, and are of such little significance that they warrant zero attention in the messaging,

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Homicides in the Cleveland community rising

Reed along with Community Activist Khalid Samad addressed many of the street problems come from young men who are now lost.

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Cleveland’s got gospel music talent

The late Bishop Robert Hubbard was a walking historian and Cleveland oldest living recording artist gave many a wealth of knowledge about the early days.

Friday, June 20

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Rep. John Conyers re-introduces U.S. to the idea of reparations

The eight page legislation was co-sponsored by Congressman Bobby Rush and said that four million Africans and their descendants were enslaved in the United States and colonies that became the U.S. from 1619 to 1865. The bill said that the U.S. government sanctioned slavery from 1789 through 1865.

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Comedian gives Cleveland ‘Hart’ attack

Friday, June 20. In the film, Cedric takes on the task of being his friend’s best man at a Vegas wedding. When asked if Hart, who’s divorced in real life, has ever been a best man himself he looked puzzled before answering,

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Antaun Teasley will be laid to rest in Cleveland

Most recently, he was employed by Miami Heat guard Norris Cole as a personal chef. Teasley was also a contributing member of the Miami community, hosting Thanksgiving lunches at the Camillus House.

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Cleveland jazz star Little Jimmy Scott dies

Owing to obligations on an earlier contract that Scott had signed with Herman Lubinsky, the record was withdrawn in a matter of days, while Scott was on honeymoon.

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Browns complete mini camp

This year has been no different than years past. We are not going to speculate about the starting quarterback situation. When it was presented to coach Pettine about Brian Hoyer still being considered as the favorite he seem unclear

Thursday, June 19

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Technology: From the Past to the Future

Smartphone’s such as the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy each are capable of downloading apps created by various companies to play games that others would think are exclusive to home consoles.

Thursday, June 12

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Ruby Dee dead at 91

Born Ruby Ann Wallace in Cleveland to parents who soon split, Dee moved to Harlem as an infant with a brother and two sisters, living with relatives and neighbors.

Wednesday, June 11

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Pastor Dewayne Simmons and wife celebrate ninth anniversary

Under Pastor Simmons’ leadership, they have out grown that location and presently having church in the John Adams High School

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Glenville and Solon capture state titles

The Tarblooders’ seniors: Adam Lett, Falonte Jackson, Darrien Hickman and Anderson won the 4x400 by almost two seconds ahead of Pickerington North.

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Karen Butler is new COO at NEON Health Center

Prior to this appointment, Butler served as the Commissioner of Health for the City of Cleveland and supervised all of the programs and services within the Division of Health

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Civil rights leaders push for more diversity in NBA team ownership

NBA commissioner, including African American team ownership, the conduct of the owners, and the need for greater community engagement.

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The four Ps to a perfect prom

I started designing my prom dress a little over a year ago and the last time I put a pencil or eraser on it was March of 2014.

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Cleveland VA is A-OK

In fact, for the most part, local veterans are generally describing the service they receive at the Louis Stokes center in generally positive terms

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Cleveland homicides reach 5 year high

For the first six months of 2014, Cleveland is at a five year high with 47 homicides.

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Destroying the myth of the missing Black father

Black fathers are important and active in their children’s lives, despite negative images and stereotypes

Tuesday, June 10

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Susan Taylor to speak at City Club of Cleveland

This event is part of the Diversity Thought Leadership Series sponsored by KeyBank.

Friday, June 6

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Marie Kittredge named Project Director for Opportunity Corridor

Mayor Frank Jackson said: “Marie’s appointment offers the Opportunity Corridor project both the management experience needed to move the project forward and the understanding of community needs in the midst of such important economic development.

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Indians get busy on first day of MLB Amateur Draft Day

Indians making moves in the Amateur Draft day

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The world mourns Dr. Maya Angelou

Shortly after her arrival in the United States, Malcolm X was assassinated, and the organization dissolved. Soon after X's assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked Dr. Angelou to serve as Northern Coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Wednesday, June 4

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Browns getting in shape for 2014

Wide Receiver Josh Gordon is still a concern about how many games will he have to sit out this year from the suspension.

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South Euclid Judge Gayle Byers brings the Cooler Bandits to Cleveland

The true story, though, is how these young men were treated so unequally under the law with sentences ranging up to 500 years for crimes during which no one was physically injured.

Tuesday, June 3

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The Republican National Committee might as well

With the losses they’ve experienced in the last two presidential elections, the accommodations being suitable and African Americans representing more than half of city’s population, the RNC might as well bring their show to Cleveland.

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Greater Cleveland Congregations Come together against gun violence

The community needs to understand guns that are used in most crimes are legally being brought by other people for various felons.

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Cleveland officers indicted in ‘137 shots’ shooting

Councilmen Jeff Johnson and Zack Reed both agree with McGinty that dash cams are needed. “We have to do all we can to combat crime in Cleveland. Each day, our numbers are rising. We are now up to 41,” said Reed.

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Carlton Fellows celebrates 60th birthday with concert

Fellows has been featured in The Gospel According to Broadway Production” solo performer with the Michael Terry Singers and The BBC Orchestra at the Hackney Theater in London England

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GM's Vice President G. Johnson speaks to Glenville’s graduates

A true Clevelander, Johnson talks about what it would take to see the Cleveland Browns win.

Monday, June 2

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Summer Matters: Students and Summer Learning

Summer Learning, whether in summer school or part of a summer camp, is essential to ensure students don’t fall behind in their academic progress.