Call and Post

The Republican National Committee might as well

Rhonda Crowder | 6/3/2014, 10:17 p.m.

Over the last few days, a team of 12 Republicans have been in town, inspecting our fair city, in attempt to determine its worthiness to host the 2016 Republican National Convention. And although we lost the bid for the 2008 convention, we now have everything they’re looking for (i.e. arena and hotel capacity, meeting space, transportation and financing).

Since the last site selection committee visit, we’ve shored up our deficiencies and are turning this town into a destination. With the casinos, a new Convention Center and our already artistic community, Cleveland is looking real good to outsiders these days. After touring the Convention Center, stadiums, and other gems such as the Playhouse and Art Museum – according to news reports – the committee appeared quite impressed with their findings.

The only issue at this point involves scheduling, which seems problematic for the other cities under consideration as well. Other cities still in the running are Dallas, Denver, and Kansas City.

We have already beaten out Las Vegas and Cincinnati. And, the last time the GOP held a major event here was in 1980.

Now, Cleveland is largely a Democratic city, but the GOP has realized that it is time to do some outreach. In fact, RNC Site Selection Committee Chairwoman Enid Mickelson, said, “We feel that the more people that get to know us, the more voters we will draw in. We're happy to be in a city where we can make new friends.”

Considering Mickelson’s statement alongside the GOP investing a significant amount of money in an advertising campaign during Black History Month to attract more African Americans to the party, the Call and Post suspects Blacks are the “new friends” they are seeking.

With the losses they’ve experienced in the last two presidential elections, the accommodations being suitable and African Americans representing more than half of city’s population, the RNC might as well bring their show to Cleveland.

What is the saying, “So goes Ohio, so goes the presidency,” or something like… it becomes quite clear that having the Republican National Committee here is not only a good look for Cleveland, it’s probably an even better one for the GOP.