The four Ps to a perfect prom

Jamaya Shabazz | 6/11/2014, 10:14 a.m.
I started designing my prom dress a little over a year ago and the last time I put a pencil ...

Prom season is here. A night to remember ending with stars in the skies, I can already feel the butterflies. As a passionate senior, it’s only right to want prom night to be nothing less than perfect. From what you will be wearing to what you will arrive it, everything has to be predetermined, planned, processed, and photographed.

Every prom girl wants to be elegant yet bold and unique but not tacky. Your outfit will speak first and louder than any words that leave your lips. If you’re just trying to be elegant or bold, the planning process can be fairly simple.

If you are trying to be elegant, bold, unique and fashion forward all at the same time, the planning process can be a bit more stressful. But, in the end, it will all be worth it.

I started designing my prom dress a little over a year ago and the last time I put a pencil or eraser on it was March of 2014. Inspire by a multiple of things such as television shows, the internet and magazines, I finally perfected it. When making a dress, it doesn’t stop after the design is complete. You then have to talk to a seamstress about your ideas to make your dress to come alive. One night I spent hours being the human mannequin for my dress, going back and forth with the very talented Mrs. Geraldine, trying to get the same image of the dress I had in my head and on paper in hers. It was a long process of her telling me what we could or couldn’t do and me trying to find ways around it. In the end with my creativity and determination and her knowledge and skills, we finally got on the same page and finished the demo dress.

The last thing I had to get done before I could even think about wearing my baby was find all the things necessary to make my dress. Going fabric hunting was not going to be easy because we needed to get the main fabric, the lace, underlining, elastic and ribbon all to match. Working at Fashions by Fowler helped me figure out what fabric I wanted. On my breaks, I had the opportunity to try on dresses and feel the fabrics to get a better idea of what I wanted. One dress in particular had great fabric I thought would be perfect for my dress.

I asked my boss about it, the gorgeous Mrs. Renay, and discovered the name of the fabric was “jersey knit.” Although that helped a lot, it took a total of two weeks along with many phone calls to get it. I chose RED! The color alone helped give me that bold factor.

I stopped by at least every week to make sure everything was going smoothly and exactly how I pictured it. Being the designer of my prom dress, I can’t help but be a perfectionist! There were a few complications but, in the end, we solved them.