Browns complete mini camp

James W. Wade III | 6/20/2014, 9:57 a.m.
This year has been no different than years past. We are not going to speculate about the starting quarterback situation. ...
Rookie Terrance West will compete for a running back spot

The Cleveland Browns held a mandatory training practice last week wrapping up the 2014 mini camp. The offense is coming along and this year the Browns are looking real good even with wide receiver Josh Gordon still in question about being suspended.

The Browns at this moment have no idea or a date on when the National Football League (NFL) will make their announcement about Gordon. The hopes of the Browns is they find out earlier then later and not the way Dan Gilbert heard about one of his players.

As the camp ended last Thursday the coaching staff press conference gave you every idea that they were pleased with the overall progress of the players and even happy about some of the great plays the rookies were making.

“We feel we’ve built a good foundation. I went over in the meeting about some of the numbers that occurred in the weight room, some of the things we were able to do there; just the amount of inventory, the volume that we put in – offense, defense and special teams – spoke to that. We built a good foundation, but the key thing for a mature team is to take this break and keep on a rise. We can’t afford to take a step back and really be back at the beginning when we get to training camp. It was a challenge for the guys to stay in shape. Their playbooks will be available to them throughout this break, as well. We should be able to get ahead mentally for training camp, as well,” said Browns coach Mike Pettine.

With so much hype around Johnny Manziel the camp is filled with media from all over, but we are looking for big things from our number 1 overall pick Justin Gilbert, who will join the ranks of Joe Haden and Donte Whitner to add some great defense to our secondary. I am sure the coach is preparing how they will apply pressure to the other teams.

“What we’ve been able to do is formulate a style where we’re going to pressure, but we like to use the phrase that, it’s going to be more calculated than reckless. We’re not going to blitz just to blitz. There are going to be times where it’s going to look like a blitz but it really isn’t. We’re going to blitz a defensive back, but he’s only the fourth rusher so we get the best of both worlds. We have a chance to get a free runner or to keep a running back in or to cause a hot throw and still have seven in coverage behind it. I’d like to think, that the way that we move around and disguise and we mix up the blitzes with the non-pressures that it gives us the best of both worlds. That we don’t end in a situation where it’s reckless, where we have some great plays and then we turn around and give up a long one,” said coach Pettine.