2014 NBA Draft tonight

James W. Wade III | 6/26/2014, 11:09 a.m.
Third time may be ok for the Cavs, if they play their card right.

Tonight is will be a great time for the Cleveland Cavaliers holding the number one place in the NBA 2014 Draft. In 2011 the Cavs struck it big with Kyrie Irving as the number one, Irving went on to be rookie of the year and still at this moment the top player for the Cavs.

In 2013 Cavs drafted Anthony Bennett who never really worked out for the team for many reasons. So in 2014 maybe, just maybe the third time is the charm. Talk about who possibly the Cavs may get is still up in the air, but Anthony Wiggins and Jabri Parker may be considered.

If you ask around the city you get all kind of feedback from trading the pick to going after LeBron James. Most really speaks about Wiggins before Parker who known not to really play defense.

Wiggins known for scoring 41 against West Virginia has also had games where he scored only four points. Cleveland has a bad reputation even the rookies don't want to play here. They can't attract free agents, no matter how much they pay. Players don't want to be traded here.

Recently I saw a picture of Cavs big three that included LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving…a fantasy waiting to happen. They need to concentrate on what they have right in front of them and give Irving some help or he will be taking his talents somewhere.

If the Cavs get 6ft 8 Wiggins can they develop him to become a superstar? So weigh on and tell me who you think they will pick.

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